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info from Rodyn Blagden 'Rusty'

?? RICHARDS married Esther CRAVEN (b ?, passed away Delhi 1965) children:

  1. Olga Eva Richards (born 26/7/1915, Ajmere, India. Schooled Mayo School for Girls, Simla. Employment: Trainee nurse to completion in Thomason and Lady Lyall Hospital's, Agra, then Irwin Hospital, Delhi. In Indian Military Nursing Service, embarked on Hospital Ship 'Karapara' from Bombay as British Army Captain, retrieving/treating wounded allied and enemy military personnel from various Mediterranean and East African ports.

Next Generation

Olga Eva RICHARDS (b 1915, Ajmere, India.) on 26/7/1940/1? at Lahore Cathedral married  Gilbert George BLAGDEN (b 1911, Calcutta, India) Children:

  1. Meryl Blagden (b&d 1941, RAF Risalpur, India)

  2. Rodyn Johnathan Blagden (b 1942, Amritsar, India)


info from

?? RICHARDS married ??, children:

  1. Hilda Richards

Next Generation

Hilda RICHARDS married Cecil Frank Haudin CHAPMAN (born 14th September, 1906, Kanchrapada, Calcutta)at Bhusaval. Children:

  1. Hilton CHAPMAN (b 1953),

  2. Milton CHAPMAN (b 1962)


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