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Richard Joseph PENTONY, Head Constable, Trichinopoly, in 1874 married Teresa ROZARIO, Children :

  1. Ernest Pentony (b 1875 d 1945 Calcutta)

  2. Edwin Pentony (b 1877 d 1943 Kharagpur)

  3. William Pentony

  4. Charle Pentony

  5. Frank Pentony

  6. Edward James Pentony (b 1883 d 1919)

  7. Gertrude Pentony became a Nun.

  8. Alice Pentony

Next Generation
(b 1875 d 1945 Calcutta) married Connie BREEN, children:

  1. Richard Pentony

  2. Muriel Constance Pentony

Edwin PENTONY (b 1877 d 1943 Kharagpur) married Biddie KING, children:

  1. Sybil Pentony

  2. Doris Pentony

  3. Margaret Pentony

William PENTONY married Antoinette (Amy) Angelina THOMSON, Children:

  1. Felicity Teresa Pentony

  2. Valintine George Pentony

  3. Benedict Pentony

FRANK PENTONY married Beryl BINGHAM, then married Connie MARTIN (no children)

(b 1883 d 1919) married BETTY ROSS (b 1895 d 1971), Children :

  1. Frank Pentony b 1913 married Lucy Robinson

  2. Percival William Pentony (30 yrs) married Nita Ann Soaris in 28/1/1942

  3. Iris Pentony married Edwin Soaris

  4. James (Jimmy) Pentony b 19 Sept 1919, d 19 April 1984, married Anne May Gabell (b 27 March 1924) married 14th Oct 1943

Alice PENTONY married Mr. SOFF


Next Generation

Muriel Constance PENTONY on 23 Sept 1925 married Albert George Van HAEFTEN (born 1898 Calicut)


Felicity Teresa PENTONY married Hector Claude GODFREY


Valintine George PENTONY married Janet TUCKER in Tata, Jameshedpur, in Goalmurie Church, Children :

  1. Philomena Pentony (also known as Cookuu)

  2. Valerie Pentony

  3. Marie Pentony married

  4. William Eugene Pentony (b1947 Hill Chapel Vishakapatnam)

  5. Alice Pentony married Mitchelle

  6. Alfred Pentony

Benedict PENTONY married Gladys WHEELER, 9 children:

  1. Eugene Pentony

  2. Noel Pentony

  3. Kenneth Pentony

  4. Bernice Pentony (b 1958 Ranipet)

  5. Genevieve Pentony

  6. Blanche Pentony

  7. Dominic Pentony

  8. Maria Pentony

  9. Antoinette Pentony

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James (Jimmy) PENTONY married Anne May GABELL, Children

  1. Beaulah Pentony

  2. Edmund Pentony

  3. Neville Pentony

  4. Constance Pentony

  5. Cyril Pentony

  6. Wendy Pentony - Never married

  7. Garry Pentony

Next Generation

Philomena PENTONY (also known as Cuckoo) married Victor Joseph MARSHALL, five children, all currently reside in Visakhapatnam - A.P.  :

  1. Sharon Antoinette Marshall

  2. Stafford Jude Marshall

  3. Patrick Grenville Marshall

  4. Margaret Harriet Marshall

  5. Eugene Sydney Marshall (not married)

Valerie PENTONY married Keith GODFREY, Children:

  1. Gregory Godfrey

  2. Kenneth Godfrey

  3. Andrew Godfrey

  4. Angela Godfrey

  5. Millie Godfrey

  6. Paul Godfrey

William Eugene PENTONY (b1947 Hill Chapel Vishakapatnam) married Phyllis D’MONTE, Children:

  1. MaryAnn Pentony married Ranjan Sahoo

  2. Rose Mary Pentony married Omer F. Haidar

  3. Hyacinth Pentony married Robin Carruthers

  4. Jude Pentony married Pinky Reid

  5. Bernadine Pentony

  6. Anthony Pentony married Bablie

Bernice PENTONY (b 1958 Ranipet) married Densil PAYNE (b 1946 Madras), 2 sons

  1. Sigmund Payne (b 1984 France)

  2. Cedric Payne (b 1987 France)

Beaulah Pentony married Trevor Fernandez, Children:

  1. Carl Fernandez

  2. Penny Fernandez

  3. Vernon Fernandez

  4. Bernard Fernandez

  5. Denver Fernandez

Edmund Pentony – married June Fernandez, Children :

  1. Jude Pentony

  2. Susan Pentony

Neville Pentony – married Mary Ann Mcleod, Children

  1. Doric Pentony

  2. Erica Pentony

Cyril Pentony – married Jerry Besterwitch, Children

  1. Desmond Pentony

  2. Belinda Pentony

  3. Sheldon Pentony

Garry Pentony married Rhonda Masquiren, Children

  1. Michelle Pentony

  2. Angela Pentony

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