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?? PAGE married ??, children:

  1. John Theodore Page

Next Generation

John Theodore PAGE on 18 Aug 1838 in Bombay married Charlotte Hannah ROOKE (b 16 Aug 1806, d 7 May 1842 Calcutta, age 35), children:

  1. Emma Georgianna Page (b 16 Aug 1839, d 17 Jan 1840 Calcutta)

  2. Harriet Brooke Page (b 31 Mar 1841 Singapore, d 29 May 1842 Calcutta, age 1)

John Theodore PAGE married ??, children:

  1. Katherine Postlewaite Page (b 1872)

Next Generation

Katherine Postlewaite PAGE (b 1872) at 23yrs on 30 Nov 1895 in Calcutta married 31yr  Walter Leech CONSENS (b 1864 son of Rowland Richard Consens)



? PAGE married ??, children:

  1. Nathan Page

Next Generation

Nathan PAGE married ?, children:

  1. William Nathan Page (b 1850)

Next Generation

William Nathan PAGE (b 1850) at 34yrs on 29 Oct 1884 in Bangalore married 22yr Jane Anne Margaret HARDY (b 1862)



info from Pam Ballantine

?? PAGE married ?, children:

  1. Anthony Page

Next Generation

Anthony PAGE married Judith Rosaline BALLANTINE (Born 7.03.45.  Bombay, India.  Married) in Ilford Essex. Daughters

  1. Stephanie Amanda PAGE (born 2.10.67, High Wycombe, Bucks) and  

  2. Alison Sarah PAGE (born 24.04.69, High Wycombe, Bucks).

Next Generation

Stephanie Amanda PAGE married Barrington PAMPLIN (21.08.1993, High Halden, Kent).   Two children

  1. George Barrington Jack PAMPLIN (born 02.06.1994)  

  2. Megan Sarah PAMPLIN (born 05.12.1996).

  3. Martha Esme PAMPLIN (born 29/6/2000)

Alison Sarah PAGE married Gareth HARGREAVES (23.04.95, Stubbins, Lancashire). Two children

  1. Oliver James HARGREAVES (born 22.11.1996) 

  2. Joseph Thomas HARGREAVES (born 02.07.1999).

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