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info from Eugene Mole henryemole@talk21.com

?? O'LEARY married ??, children:

  1. Mary O'Leary, born 1872 Bellary

Next Generation
Mary O'LEARY, born 1872 Bellary, married Ernest George MOLE, born 1875 Colchester. Sons,

  1. Ernest Patrick Mole Born 1907, Maymyo,

  2. Dennis Mole

  3. Norman Mole


Hi Russel, I am searching for the place of birth of my great-great-grandfather, Alexander Thomas Fernandez (DOB 1875). Spouse name was Amy Liah Trek and his father's name was John Fernandez . I have tried searching across various websites, but to no avail. Could you please help me out? Thanks in advance. Much appreciated! Chantelle Gawde


? O'LEARY married ??, children:

  1. Daniel O'Leary

Next Generation

Daniel O'LEARY married ?, children:

  1. Henrietta Jane Maud O'Leary (b 1878)

Next Generation

Henrietta Jane Maud O'LEARY (b 1878) at 38yrs on 6 May 1916 in Salem married 40yr widowed Alexander Thomas FERNANDEZ (b 1875)




Info from Bryan Terrence O'Leary brymar_es@gonuts4free.com and courtesy of http://www.tnet.com.au/~quincon/Family%20Tree/wc02/wc02_459.htm  (very informative tree with photos)


Daniel O'LEARY (born 1805 in Bandon, Cork Ireland, deceased 3 September1842) married Theadora Kirkpatrick HAWES, children:

  1. Daniel O'Leary (born 19 September 1842, Cuddalore)

Next Generation

Daniel O'Leary (born 19 September 1842, Cuddalore) married Mary Ann HALPIN ( b 10/8/1847 Bellary, Madras Presidency), children:

  1. Theodore Edwin O'Leary (Timothy) (b 25/8/1867, Bangalore, Madras Presidency)

  2. Thomas Patrick O'Leary ( b abt 1869, Madras)

  3. William O'Leary

Next Generation

Theodore Edwin O'Leary married Mary Josephine NOBLE (b 1884), children:

  1. Theodore Edwin Daniel O'Leary (born10 Feb 1905, d 1971)

  2. Cyril Arthur O'Leary (born Rangoon 24/6/1908)

  3. Terrence O'Leary

  4. Owen O'Leary

Thomas Patrick O'LEARY (b abt 1869, Madras) Fireman/Driver in the Railways, married Ernestine Anne COPCUTT , children:

  1. Gertrude O'Leary (b 10/5/1892 Madras)

  2. Sybil Alberta O'Leary

Next Generation

Theodore Edwin Daniel O'LEARY (born10 Feb 1905-1971) married Iris JACKSON, children:

  1. Patrick Kenneth O'Leary (deceased)

  2. Margaret O'Leary

Theodore Edwin Daniel O'LEARY (born10 Feb 1905-1971) married (2nd marriage) Phyllis Hope BARNETT

  1. Colleen Edwina O'Leary (deceased)

  2. Joyce Maureen O'Leary (deceased)

  3. Doreen Hazel O'Leary

  4. Olga Anne O'Leary

  5. William Edwin O'Leary

  6. Robert Edward O'Leary

  7. Barbara Christina O'Leary

  8. Kathleen Maureen O'Leary

  9. Jacqueline Phyllis O'Leary

  10. Peter O'Leary (deceased)

Cyril Arthur O'Leary (born Rangoon 24/6/1908) married Pansy Enid BARNETT, Children:

  1. Colin Peter O'Leary,

  2. Gerald William O'Leary,

  3. Joan Sybil O'Leary,

  4. Audrey Ann O'Leary

  5. Bryan Terrence O'Leary (b.7/5/1939,Kyaito, Burma,)

Owen Noble O'leary ( b 1906, Rangoon ) married Merlyn Grace Williams (b 1915, ?? ) Children :

1. Teresa O'leary
2. Patricia O'leary
3. Theodora Bernadette O'leary (b 1945, Igatpuri)

info from Alexander George <alexngeraldine93@yahoo.com>
Gertrude O'LEARY (b 10/5/1892 Madras) married Harold GOTTING, children:

  1. Denzil Gotting

  2. Norma Gotting

  3. Alwin Gotting

  4. Alethea Gotting

  5. Cynthia Gotting

  6. Trevor Gotting

  7. Peter Gotting

  8. Brian Gotting

  9. Neville Gotting (born @ 16:10 hours on March 10, 1930 in Manmad, India)

(info from NevGttng@aol.com )

Next Generation

Jacqueline Phyllis O'LEARY married Alan LANE, children:

  1. Robert James Lane (b 1971)

                   (info from Jacqueline Lane joey.lane@virgin.net)

Bryan Terrence O'LEARY (b.7/5/1939,Kyaito, Burma,) married Marie Dolores D'SOUZA, b.9/4/1938 in Rangoon, Burma on 30/1/1965,Children:

  1. Natalie Anne O'Leary,

  2. Bryan Joseph O'Leary,

  3. Patricia Andre O'Leary,

  4. Melanie Therese O'Leary

Theodora Bernadette O'LEARY (b 1945 Igatpuri) married Gerald James CONNOR (b 1943, Kalyan Maharashtra) - September 1969- Kalina Bombay. Children :

  1. Christopher Arnold Connor ( b 1970, Bombay)

  2. Geraldine Grace Connor ( b 1971, Bombay) married Alexander GEORGE (b1960, Malacca, Malaysia )

  3. Warren Theodore Connor ( b 1974, Kalyan)

  4. Adrian Bradley Connor ( b 1976, Kalyan)

  5. Natasha Ann Connor ( b 1981, Kalyan)



info from Caroline Chuckry cchome@abnet.ca

?? O'LEARY married ??, children:

  1. Kathleen Maureen O'Leary (b 04/28/1947)

Next Generation

Kathleen Maureen O'Leary (b 04/28/1947) married to John Colin Aldred (b. 03/5/1941 in Manchester, England), Children:

  1. Caroline Maureen Aldred (b. 02/25/1968in Assam, India) married Lee Wallace Chuckry (b. 08/18/1968 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada), Children:(1) Dylan Lee Chuckry (b. 02/19/1999 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, (2) Paige Marie Chuckry (b. 12/23/2002 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  2. Michael John Aldred (b. 04/15/1969 in Manchester, England)

  3. Christopher Colin Aldred (b.03/14/1970 in Manchester, England)


? O'LEARY married Elizabeth MASSEY and had three sons:

  1. Edward O'Leary

  2. Alfred O'Leary

  3. George O'Leary

Next Generation

Edward (Sunny) O'LEARY married cousin Gwen MASSEY, children :

  1. Ted O'Leary

  2. Joyce O'Leary


info from devonc@tpg.com
?? O'LEARY married ??, children:

  1. Patricia O'Leary

Next Generation

Patricia O'LEARY Bhuswal/ Igatpuri married Ashlyn Maurice SAXBY (b1924 Gangapur City). Emigrated to Perth , Australia in 1974 They have 3 children:

  1. Brian Mark Saxby (b 1962)

  2. Debra Leslie Saxby (b1965 )

  3. Jennifer Anne Saxby (b1967 )


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