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Gaston Patrick NORTON married ??, children:

  1. Mertle Ann Heiden NORTON, Birth : 1888/9, India.

Next Generation

Mertle Ann Heiden NORTON Birth : 1888/9, India, married  Frederick Alexander Grant SYME Birth : 19 Oct 1878, Bimlipatam, India, children:

  1. SYME, Constance Eugenie Birth : 3 Aug 1908, Cocananda, India.

  2. SYME, Vera Adeline Birth : 29 Dec 1909, Cocananda, India.


info submitted by Kevin Clarkson ;
?? ( in the Burmese army, died in action) and Virginia GLEESON, child:

  1. Patricia (b June 1954)

Next Generation

Patricia NORTON (born June 1954, daughter of Virginia GLEESON, father was in the Burmese army, who died in action, adopted by Mrs NORTON through St.Thomas Mount Convent, married Don Bosco CLARKSON, children : 

  1. Kevin CLARKSON

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