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?? NEWCASTLE married ??, children:

  1. Albert Newcastle

Next Generation

Albert NEWCASTLE married Dorothy TODD, children:

  1. donald newcastle married una james
  2. doreen newcastle
  3. wallace newcastle
  4. anthony newcastle
  5. cedrick newcastle
  6. joyce newcastle
  7. terrance newcastle
  8. richard newcastle
  9. benjimen newcastle
  10. marina newcastle married joseph

Next Generation

Doreen NEWCASTLE married Malcom Monisse, children,

  1. Sheryl Monisse married John Tapper

wallace NEWCASTLE married alice ?, children,

  1. mark newcastle

anthony NEWCASTLE married esther shires, children,

  1. tamar newcastle,
  2. jason newcastle

cedrick NEWCASTLE married dorothy ?, children,

  1. jennifer,
  2. christine,
  3. paul,
  4. philip

Joyce NEWCASTLE married creswel yates, children,

  1. Sandra,
  3. Shawn

Richard NEWCASTLE married Bernadine HART, children,

  1. Tarina Nomi Newcastle
  2. Natasha Rachel Newcastle

Benjamin NEWCASTLE married Maria ?, children,

  1. Rebecca Newcastle

Next Generation

Jennifer NEWCASTLE married Kenny ??

Paul NEWCASTLE married Christina SNELL

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