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Hi everyone, here's hoping that someone out there can help me find my maternal grandparents, a William and Lily Crawford Stewart' from Bandikui and Ajmer. My parents were Cyril and Dolly (Olga) Nelson of Ajmer. My mothers first marriage was to a Lionel Hanvey from Bandikui. Both the Nelsons and Hanveys worked for the B B & C I Railway. All the Nelson brothers drove the trains. And they were all into Hockey and boxing in a big way. We used to live on Beawar road in Ajmer. Went to England in the early 50's and I moved to the USA after I married. Any kind of help would be most welcome. Maybe I can get a whole network of people helping out. I thank all of you in advance. Anita Bryant nee  Nelson


?? NELSON married ??, children:

  1. Cyril Nelson (b ?)

Next Generation

Cyril NELSON of Beawar Rd, Ajmer,  married Dolly (Olga) ? , children:

  1. Anita Nelson

Next Generation

Anita NELSON married ?? BRYANT

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