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Hello, I came across your website earlier this year when I was trying to trace my family in India, I had no where to start on names etc but I came across James Arthur Nagle and Catherine Florence Purvis and their 10 children and I just felt this was correct, after months of hard work and research I am from this family, but can I offer a few amendments as the original poster is missing quite a few children etc and generations.I can take the nagle name up to 1749 with certainty. If this is off interest please let me know. Please also feel free to share my name and email for any other descendants that want to reach out. I have discovered a enormous amount of information on the family and am currently 200 pages deep into writing a book on James and his ancestors. Ashleigh Nagle.


? NAGLE married ?, children:

  1. James Arthur Nagle (b 1851)

Next Generation

James Arthur NAGLE (b 1851) at 27yrs on 29 Nov 1878 in Poona married 16yr Catherine Florence PURVIS (b 1862 daughter of James Purvis.Catherineís daughter with second husband Joseph Ritchie, born 20 august 1904 Lahore died 1994 New Zealand) , children:

  1. Arthur Edward Thomas Nagle (b 31 Jul 1879 Bombay) died 1879 Bombay 
  2. Florence Ethel Elizabeth nagle (b 6 august 1883 Poona) died 1965 New Zealand 
  3. Lancelot Arthur Nagle (b 2 Apr 1885 Chudderghaut) died 1959 South Africa 
  4. Eustace William Miller Nagle (b 11 Feb 1887 Poona)died 1951 England 
  5. Gladys Martha Nagle (b 14 Jan 1889 Bombay) died 1928 India 
  6. Claudius James Nagle (b 17 May 1891 Poona) died 1963 England 
  7. Cecil Henry Nagle (b 4 Feb 1893 Poona) died 1975 England 
  8. Vernon Aubrey Thomas Nagle (b 20 Mar 1894 Lahore) died 1980 England 
  9. Carlyle nagle (b about 1895 possibly a twin to mervyn) died in 1901 at 5/6 years old from ardent fever 
  10. Mervyn edward nagle (b 18 July 1895 Lahore) died 1966 England 
  11. Muriel Edith Mary Nagle (b 5 Nov 1897 Lahore) died 1932 India 
  12. William Alwyn Purvis Nagle (b 21 Oct 1899 Lahore) died 1971 England 
  13. Katherine Phyllis Nagle (b 30 May 1901 Lahore) died 1901 India 
  14. *Also 1 possible missing daughter I canít find records off who lived till her mid teens. Iím assuming was born around 1878-1882


info from Donald James Lloyd Facility Manager, Mustard Seed Street Ministry
102 11Ave SE, Calgary AB T2G 0X5,  cell: (403) 371-5493


? NAGLE married ?, chidren:

  1. William Nagle

Next Generation

William NAGLE married Margaret ?, children:

  1. Arthur Justice NAGLE (b 1872, d 22 Oct 1931 Gorakhpur)

Next Generation

Arthur Justice NAGLE (b 1872, d 22 Oct 1931 Gorakhpur) at 21yrs on 26 Jul 1893 in Vepery married 18yr Matilda Emily JOHNSON, (b 1877, d 6 May 1913 Gorakhpur, daughter of Thomas Frederick Johnson) children:

  1. Carl Arthur Wilfred Nagle (b 2 Jul 1894 Madras)

  2. Hugh Donnelly Nagle (b 22 Dec 1895 Madras)

  3. Oswald Justice Elibank Nagle (b 14 Jul 1897 Gorakhpur)

  4. Leslie Arthur Justice Nagle (b 29 Dec 1898 Gorakhpur)

  5. Ivor Noel Hope Nagle (b 1899)

  6. Marquerite Nagle (b 28 Feb 1900 Gorakhpur)

  7. Iver Hopes Noel Nagle (b 3 May 1900 Gorakhpur)

  8. Frederick Ivan Mead Nagle (b 24 February 1904 Madras)

  9. Austin Donald Malcolm Nagle (b 16 Jul 1906, d 27 Feb 1907 Gorakhpur)

Arthur Justice NAGLE (b 1872, d 22 Oct 1931 Gorakhpur) widower, married Caroline Grace ?, children:

  1. Hazel Madeline Grace Nagle (b 21 Nov 1916 Gorakhpur)

  2. Jack Neville Reginald Nagle (b 22 Sep 1919 Gorakhpur)

Next Generation

Oswald Justice Elibank NAGLE (b 14 Jul 1897 Gorakhpur) at 24yrs on 2 Apr 1921 in Gorakhpur married 19yr Sybil Maud BIRD (b 1902 daughter of Hubert Sydney Bird)


Leslie Arthur Justice NAGLE (b 29 Dec 1898 Gorakhpur) at 22yrs on 28 Nov 1921 in Dehra Dun married 20yr Leon Sarah Derevara (b 1901 daughter of Arthur John Derevara), children:

  1. Jean Emily Constance Nagle (b 7 Oct 1922 Gorakhpur)

  2. Margaret Christina Nagle (b 16 Apr 1924 Gorakhpur)

Ivor Noel Hope NAGLE (b 1899) at 25yrs on 23 Apr 1924 in Bareilly married 21yr Irene Lorna BICKERS (b 1903 daughter of Austin Lovell Bickers)


Frederick Ivan Mead NAGLE (b 1900) at 23yrs on 11 Aug 1923 in Bareilly married 22yr Winifred Endora FRANKS, (b 1901 daughter of Charles Franks) children:

  1. Pauline Emily Endora Nagle (b 25 Jan 1924 Bareilly)

  2. James Frederick Cecil Nagle (b 29 Oct 1925)

Jack Neville Reginald NAGLE (b 22 Sep 1919 Gorakhpur) at 27yrs on 4 Jun 1947 in New Delhi married 19yr Druseille Athilda ROSE (b 1928 daughter of Daniel Theodore Rose)


Next Generation

Pauline Emily NAGLE married Walter Vernon Alexander LLOYD (previously FONCECA) of the Indian Air Force (Ret) Children:

  1. Donna Barbara Lloyd, married Keith Manchanda of the Royal Navy. Children: Natasha Manchanda and Sian Manchanda.

  2. Donald James Lloyd married Sophia Puig of Spain. Children: Daniel Raphael Lloyd (born 21/10/1982. Middlesex, London) and Matthew Lloyd (born 16/04/1985, Middlesex, London).

  3. Sophy FONCECA

  4. Machandra Keith FONCECA

(Walter Vernon Alexander Lloyd retired from the IAF and settled in the UK. Died in 1978. He is survived by his wife Pauline Emily Lloyd living in the UK and Donna Barbara Lloyd living in the UK and Donald James Lloyd living in Alberta Canada. )


James Frederick Cecil NAGLE (b 29 Oct 1925) at 21yrs on 24 Aug 1946 at Fort St George, married 19yr Lilian Florence May DUFFIELD (b 1927 daughter of Alfred George Duffield)



info from Beverly Miller (nee Reid) & Justin Nagle <>


? NAGLE married ?, chidren:

  1. John Nagle

Next Generation

John NAGLE married ?, children:

  1. John Edmond Nagle

Next Generation

John Edmond NAGLE on 4 Jul 1854 in Bellary married Charlotte ARK (b 1840, d 1 Jul 1879, daughter of George Ark), children:

  1. John Wilson NAGLE Fr. Sgt. 4 P.O.W. Lt.Cav. (b 20 May 1855, d 4 Jun 1883 Kamptee)

  2. Henry Theodore Nagle (b 18 Feb 1857 Bellary)

  3. Eliza Penelope Nagle (b 6 Jan 1859 Bellary)

  4. Cecilia Clementine Nagle (b 18 Jun 1860 Bellary)

  5. George Nagle (b 1862)

  6. Elizabeth Holland Nagle (b 1 Nov 1864 Bellary)

  7. Fanny Nagle (b 19 Aug 1866 Bellary)

  8. Charles William Nagle (b 28 Mar 1871 Bellary)

  9. Josephine Margaretta Beatrice Nagle (b 1875)

  10. Benjamin Arthur James Nagle (b 5 Jul 1878 Bellary)

Next Generation

John Wilson NAGLE Fr. Sgt. 4 P.O.W. Lt.Cav. (b 1855, d 4 Jun 1883 Kamptee, age 28) at 22yrs on 5 Sep 1877 in Madras married 21yr Adelaide Charlotte WYNNE, (b 1856 daughter of James Wynne) children:

  1. George Ark William Henry Clarence Nagle (b 7 Jun 1878, d 15 Aug 1881 Bellary)

  2. Albert Edward NAGLE (b 6 Jan 1882 Bellary, d 25 Jan 1938 Dongargarh, age 56)

  3. Constance Violet Nagle (c 11 Apr 1883 Kamptee)

Eliza Penelope Nagle (b 6 Jan 1859 Bellary) at 20yrs on 18 Jun 1879 in Bellary married 21yr James Henry Walter SMITH (b 1858 son of Patrick Smith)


Cecilia Clementine Nagle (b 18 Jun 1860 Bellary) at 21yrs on 22 Dec 1881 in Bellary married 38yr Glanville Rogers O'SULLIVAN (b 1843 son of Henry O'Sullivan)


George Nagle (b 1862) widowed, at 41yrs on 15 Jun 1903 in Mysore married 20yr Louisa WRAY (b 1883 daughter of Thomas Ebenezer Wray)


Charles William Nagle (b 28 Mar 1871 Bellary) at 30yrs on 29 May 1901 in Bellary married 15yr Annie Eliza LUXA (b 1886 daughter of Charles William Luxa)


Josephine Margaretta Beatrice Nagle (b 1875) at 16yrs on 9 Sep 1891 in Bangalore married 21yr Daniel SYMTS (b 1870 son of Erclard Symts)


Next Generation

Albert Edward NAGLE Guard B.M Rlwy (b 1882, d 25 Jan 1938 Dongargarh, age 56) at 24yrs on 10 Sep 1906 in Kamptee married 18yr Adeline Hilda BLACK, (b 1888 daughter of William Edward Black) children:

  1. William John Nagle (b 8 Aug 1907 Nagpur)

  2. Adelaide Hilda Constance Nagle (b 14 Jan 1909 Nagpur)

  3. Amelia Gertrude Nagle (b 18 Jul 1910 Nagpur)

  4. Albert Edward Nagle (b 6 Jan 1912 Nagpur)

  5. Dorothy Muriel Nagle (b 12 Sep 1913 Nagpur)

  6. Ernest Claude NAGLE (b 28 Jul 1915, c 27 Aug 1915 Nagpur)

  7. Winifred Maud Nagle (b 7 Aug 1917 Nagpur)

  8. Robert George Nagle (b&d 8 Jan 1920 Nagpur)

Next Generation

Adelaide Hilda Constance Nagle (b 14 Jan 1909 Nagpur) on 8 Apr 1931 in Kamptee married Charles James ROBERTSON.


Dorothy Muriel Nagle (b 12 Sep 1913 Nagpur) at 25yrs on 12 Apr 1939 in Dongargarh married 24yr Neville Patrick STIFFLE (b 1915 son of Harry Stiffle)


Ernest Claude NAGLE (b 28 Jul 1915) at 28yrs on 23 Jun 1944 in Bilaspur married 28yr  Alice REID (b 1916, daughter of Frank Abel Reid), children:

  1. Llewellyn Nagle

  2. Veronica Nagle

Winifred Maud Nagle (b 7 Aug 1917 Nagpur) at 20yrs on 12 Jan 1938 in Dongargarh married 27yr Vivian George ALLAN (b 1911 son of John Wilson Allan)


Next Generation
Llewellyn NAGLE married Evelyn SMITH - children

1. Justin Conrad Nagle
2. Ian Craig Nagle
3. Brett Alastair Nagle


Next Generation

Justin Conrad NAGLE married Vanessa Verina FRANSWAH ( from Kharagpur), children:

  1. Alison Maud Nagle


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