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I am seeking information regarding Henry and Claire MULLER, the parents of Lydia  Hannah Muller(born 1883) Lydia was working in Madras in c.1916 and married Harold Ross in Bangalore before residing in Whitefield.  Henry originated from Germany and Claire(maiden name Scriven) may have been born in Cornwall, but I do not know when or why they may have travelled to India. It is not clear as to where Lydia was born. Any information greatly appreciated. peter shaw <


Henry MULLER married Claire SCRIVEN, children:

  1. Lydia Hannah Muller (b 1883)

Next Generation

Lydia Hannah MULLER (b 1883) married Harold ROSS in Bangalore before residing in Whitefield.



Hello, My name is Jane and I am trying to trace any info about the Mullers who lived in Cannanore in the early 1900's.  My Father was born there (Kenneth Max Muller) and he had other Brothers and Sisters.  My Dad had three Sisters, Hazel, Esmie and another sister who I can not recall the name of at the moment.  My Dads Brothers are Duncan Muller and there was another brother who called Sam, who was allegedly murdered at young age.  My Dads Fathers name was George Ebebeezer Muller. I beleive my Grandfather was a plantation owner or collected taxes.  I really don't much more info than that.

If anyone has any information about my family I would really appreciate your responses. Thank you, Miss Jane Dewitt


George Ebebeezer MULLER married ??, children:

  1. Kenneth Max Muller (born 16 Dec 1932)

  2. Hazel Muller

  3. Esmie Muller

  4. ?? Muller (sister)

  5. Duncan Muller

  6. Sam Muller

Next Generation

Kenneth Max MULLER married ??, children:

  1. Jane Muller

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