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info from Peter Taylor

? MORGAN  married ?, children:


Next Generation

Jane MORGAN married John Luke THORPE, children:

  1. Charles George Thorpe (b 13 Nov 1795 Vepery)

  2. Lionel William Thorpe (b 27 Feb 1799 Vepery)

  3. Georgiana Elizabeth Thorpe (b 12 Jul 1799 Vepery)

  4. Charlotte Ann Thorpe ( b.1803)

  5. Robert Ware Thorpe (c 12 Mar 1803 Vepery)

  6. John Talbot Thorpe (b 12 Feb 1804 Vepery)

  7. John Luke Thorpe (b.21 Oct 1809 Vepery, d 2 Aug 1851)

  8. Hickey Arthur Stewart Thorpe (b 24 Aug 1813 Madras)

  9. Jane Johanna Thorpe (b 1819)

  10. Elizabeth Ann Thorpe


? MORGAN  married ?, children:

  1. Harry David MORGAN

Next Generation

Harry David MORGAN married ??, children:

  1. Sunbeam Amelia Morgan (b 1897)

Next Generation

Sunbeam Amelia MORGAN aka Emily Marazzi (b 1897) at 17yrs on 23 Apr 1914 in Lucknow married 28yr Jacob Angelo MARAZZI (b 1 Sep 1886 Jamalpore) , children:

  1. Anthony Francis Marazzi (b 1919, d 21 Nov 1919 Dehra Dun, infant)


info from Trevor Wilson . I am trying to trace information or hopefully surviving members of my family. My mother was Marlene Helen Morgan born in Lahore Pakistan (formally british india), she had three sisters - lorna pamela and jennifer. My mothers father was john morgan and he worked on the railways after serving in the british army (royal signal corp). My mothers mum was a nurse - margaret de souza


? MORGAN  married ?, children:

  1. John MORGAN

Next Generation

John MORGAN (worked on the railways after serving in the british army (royal signal corp) married Margaret De SOUZA (nurse), children:

  1. Marlene Helen Morgan born in Lahore Pakistan (formally british india)

  2. Lorna Morgan

  3. Pamela Morgan

  4. Jennifer Morgan

Next Generation
Marlene Helen MORGAN (born in Lahore Pakistan, formally british india) married ?? WILSON, children:

  1. Trevor Wilson


info from

? MORGAN  married ?, children:

  1. James Brown MORGAN

Next Generation

James Brown MORGAN married ?, children:

  1. Thomas Dean MORGAN (b 1902).

Next Generation
Thomas Dean MORGAN (b 1902) at 24yrs on 4 Dec 1926 in Madras married 21yr Sadie Irene SYME (b 9 Sep 1905 Vellore, India)


info from

? MORGAN  married ?, children:

  1. Calob MORGAN

Next Generation

Calob MORGAN (born on ? at?) married ?, children:

  1. Irene MORGAN (born on ? at?)

Next Generation

Irene MORGAN married John Joseph CLARK of Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, children:

  1. ?

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