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Robert W MEPPEN mariner (d 9th April 1846 Madras aged 64yrs 6mnths) on 1st Sept 1841 at Coringa, Madras married Catherine Emmeline PASCAL (baptised Fort St George, St Mary's Church 1815 ??, eldest daughter of E. Pascal, Esq)

Mrs George MEPPEN had a son born 5/11/1852 in Waltair.

Caroline Frances MEPPEN married J A HICKEN

G H A MEPPEN of Vizagapatam died Mar 4th 1893 at Ootacamund [aged 68 years )  

James William MEPPEN (d 26/9/1845 Madras aged 28) married Ann Elizabeth ??, daughter born 15/12/1845


?? MEPPEN married ??, children:

  1. Frederick Daniel MEPPEN

Next Generation

Frederick Daniel MEPPEN married Sarah Georgiana ? , child:

  1. Henrietta Wilhelmina Virginia Meppen (b 10/1/1847 Madras)

  2. William Douglas Meppen (b 28/5/1852 Bangalore)

  3. Margaret Georgiana Meppen (b 2/10/1853 Bangalore)

  4. James William Meppen (b 1854)

  5. Sarah Maria Gertrude Meppen (b 29/2/1856 Bangalore)

  6. Frederick Daniel Meppen (b 4/4/1860, Bangalore, baptised 19/2/1861. Ref ID v42 p3, film 521851)

Next Generation

Margaret Georgiana MEPPEN (b 2/10/1853 Bangalore) in 1854 married Henrydoffus HODSON.


James William MEPPEN (b 1854) on 4/9/1889 in Vepery married Adelaide Fanny Eliza CLARKSON (b 1863, Parents: Richard Clarkson & Fanny Amelia, film 463301).



?? MEPPEN married ??, children:

  1. John Peter MEPPEN

Next Generation

John Peter MEPPEN, merchant (b ?, d 27/4/1850 Waltair age 46yrs) on 27/10/1829 at Cuddalore, Madras married Harriet MOODY (b ? d 25/3/1850, 42yrs), children:

  1. Laura Henrietta Moody Meppen

  2. Christiana Harriet Meppen


?? MEPPEN married ??, children:

  1. Ann Elizabeth MEPPEN

Next Generation

Ann Elizabeth MEPPEN married John Joseph FONCECA (Artist) on 11/7/1849 N2/28/407, children :

  1. William Urban FONCECA (7/9/1853, bapt 20/9/1853 N2/RC8/151)

  2. Cecil Joseph FONCECA (27/2/1856, bapt 2/3/1856 N2/33/99)

  3. Adria Josephine  FONCECA (27/3/1864 bapt 11/4/1864 N2/45/153)

  4. Augusta Beatrice FONCECA  (born 8/6/1860, baptised on 24/6/1860 at Madras by F.Ireneus. LDS 521851 Vol 41 (P.144), N2/41/144

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