MARAZZI Family Tree

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info from Heather Ann

I am trying to trace my family tree (MARAZZI) .  All I know is that my Grandfather (Frerico or Ferdanand Marazzi - not sure) was from Southern Italy, he came into India via Burma where he had married a Burmese (my grandmother) he settled in Lucknow and apparently is buried there.  When I did a people search it threw up a whole lot of Marazzis - most of whom are in USA and some in UK.  When I sent a few e-mails just randomly wondering if they had any idea I did not get a very good response - infact some were downright suspicious as to my reasons for contacting them and specifically asked me not to contact them again !!!!!! I am still very curious.  My father never talked about his family much and I have always wondered about it. My reasons for trying to find out is not for any monetary gains - it is just that all my life I have felt such a misfit never really belonging anywhere.  In my mind I figure that my grandfather has to have relatives in Italy and I just want to find out - that is all. Thanks a lot.

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