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I am trying to trace my family tree (MARAZZI) .  All I know is that my Grandfather (Frerico or Ferdanand Marazzi - not sure) was from Southern Italy, he came into India via Burma where he had married a Burmese (my grandmother) he settled in Lucknow and apparently is buried there.  When I did a people search it threw up a whole lot of Marazzis - most of whom are in USA and some in UK.  When I sent a few e-mails just randomly wondering if they had any idea I did not get a very good response - in fact some were downright suspicious as to my reasons for contacting them and specifically asked me not to contact them again !!!!!! I am still very curious.  My father never talked about his family much and I have always wondered about it. My reasons for trying to find out is not for any monetary gains - it is just that all my life I have felt such a misfit never really belonging anywhere.  In my mind I figure that my grandfather has to have relatives in Italy and I just want to find out - that is all. Thanks a lot.



Joseph MARAZZI married ??, children:

  1. Angelo Zanato Marazzi (b 1857, d 11 May 1899 Lucknow)

Next Generation

Angelo Zanato MARAZZI also known as Angelo Joseph Carlo Marazzi, Angelo Charles Marazzi (b 1857, d 11 May 1899 Lucknow) at 28yrs on 16 Sep 1882 in Monghyr married 18yr Charlotte Jemima Harriet PUSHONG (b 30 Sep 1864 Dinapore, daughter of Randolph Alfred Joseph Pushong), children:

  1. William Alexander Marazzi (b 23 Jan 1884 Dinapore)

  2. Jacob Ubin Rossi Marazzi also known as Jacob Angelo Marazzi (b 1 Sep 1886 Jamalpore)

  3. Edward Marazzi (b 1887)

  4. Frederick Zonato Marazzi also known as Frederick Furtunato Franier Marazzi (b 23 Feb 1897, c 15 Apr 1897 Lucknow).

  5. Agnes Beatrice Marazzi (b 1899)

Next Generation

William Alexander MARAZZI (b 23 Jan 1884 Dinapore) at 22yrs on 1 Jan 1907 in Lucknow married 19yr Margaret Sophia FANTHOME (b 1888 daughter of G R Fanthome), children:

  1. William Joseph Marazzi (b 26 Sep 1907, d 2 Oct 1907 Lucknow, infant)

  2. Ada Marie Marazzi (b 1914)

Jacob Angelo MARAZZI (b 1 Sep 1886 Jamalpore) at 28yrs on 23 Apr 1914 in Lucknow married 17y Sunbeam Amelia MORGAN aka Emily Marazzi (b 1897 daughter of Harry David Morgan), children:

  1. Anthony Francis Marazzi (b 1919, d 21 Nov 1919 Dehra Dun, infant)

Edward MARAZZI (b 1887) at 22yrs on 24 May 1909 in Lucknow married 20yr Mary Josephine RICHARDS (b 1889 daughter of Henry Richards), children:

  1. Muriel Mary Marazzi (b 1912, d 27 Mar 1913 Lucknow, age 1)

  2. Inez Cynthia Marazzi (b 1915)

Frederick Zonato MARAZZI (b 23 Feb 1897, c 15 Apr 1897 Lucknow). at 20yrs on 10 Sep 1917 in Kharagpur married 17yr Mabel Edith PAUL (b 29 oct 1899 St Peters, Mazagon, daughter of John William & Isabella Paul)


Frederick Zonato MARAZZI (b 23 Feb 1897, c 15 Apr 1897 Lucknow). widowed at 26yrs on 10 Jan 1923 in Chittagong married 26yr Florence SALGADO (b 1897 daughter of Edgar Salgado)


Agnes Beatrice MARAZZI (b 1899) at 22yrs on 20 Jun 1922 in Lahore married 20yr Charles Edward AUSTIN (b 1893 son of Andrew Patrick Austin, d 22 Jul 1908 Lucknow. Charles later married widow Susi Eaton nee Daniel on 7 Feb 1927 in Howrah)


Next Generation

Ada Marie MARAZZI (b 1914) at 18yrs on 27 Dec 1932 in Benares married 38yr Harold Neil CARTER (b 1894 son of Henry Alexander Carter)


Inez Cynthia MARAZZI (b 1915) at 18yrs on 27 Nov 1933 in Lucknow married widower 29yr John HARRISON (b 1904 son of George Lawrence Harrison)


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