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Info from Lily Jacob: My fatherís name, Vivian Madeira from Kolkata, my mother came to India, her Father was English & Mother Russian, her name Margaret Maddison, had a sister named Lily she went on to France & married there my mother lost all contact with her family. Henry Maddison was born in England


?? MADEIRA  married ??, children:

  1. Charles J Madeira

Next Generation

Charles J MADEIRA  married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Henry Madeira (b 1884)

Next Generation

Joseph Henry MADEIRA Foreman E.I.R. (b 1884) at 27yrs on 4 Jul 1911 in Calcutta married 19yr Lily Ann BOEZALT, (b 1892, daughter of Edwin L Boezalt) children:

  1. Edwin Joseph Madeira (b 7 Jun 1912, c 3 JUl 1912 Dhurrumtollah)

  2. Vera Mary Madeira (b 19 Dec 1915, c 16 Jan 1916 Bowbazar, d 27 Jun 1988 Calcutta)

  3. Myrtle Margaret Madeira (b 22 Apr 1917, c 20 May 1917 Calcutta)

  4. Vivian Patrick Madeira (b 25 Feb 1920, c 9 Mar 1920 Calcutta)

  5. Thelma Ann Madeira (b 25 Feb 1920, c 9 Mar 1920 Calcutta, d 26 Apr 1921 Sealdah)

  6. Patrick Joseph Madeira (b 16 Feb 1926, c 5 Mar 1926 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Vivian Patrick MADEIRA (b 1915) at 24yrs on 4 Jan 1939 in Calcutta married 18yr Margaret May MADDISON (b 21 Jun 1921 Tianjin, China, daughter of Henry and Edith Cosnitsova Maddison), children:

  1. Boris Joseph Henry Madeira (b 30 Oct 1939, c 12 Nov 1939 Calcutta)



info from & lyndon thomas <>


G J MADEIRA married ?, children:

  1. Antoinette Marie Madeira (b 1894)

Next Generation

Antoinette Marie MADEIRA (b 1894) at 19yrs on 6 Aug 1913 in Puri, married 22yr George Michael LITTLEWOOD of Khurda Road - Orissa, (b 1891, son of J A Littlewood) children:

  1. Terence George Littlewood

  2. Arnold Littlewood married norma shreeves, children marie,george,nelson,robin and anne marie)

  3. kenneth littlewood

  4. althea littlewood (married clarence culpepper, children marlene, david, brian, quentin)

  5. dermot littlewood(married olive from guntukul ,children dominica,veronica,john)

  6. connie littlewood (married eric vanjour of kharagpur,children,michael(deceased),yvonne,brenda,rosie,steven)


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?? MADEIRA  married ??, children:

  1. Patrick Madeira

Next Generation

Patrick MADEIRA married Dulcie THOMAS, children:

  1. Bernadette Madeira

  2. Cecelia Madeira

  3. Caroline Madeira

  4. Anita Madeira

  5. Gregory Madeira

  6. Stephen Madeira

(Girls went to Loreto Convent Entally and the boys went to Dr Graham's homes, Kalimpong and then to St. Mary's Ripon St.


Next Generation

Bernadette MADEIRA (lived near Chandney Chowk, schooled at Loreto Convent Entally, left in 1973/74. Worked for Allen Richards and Co for a while and then moved on to Lovelock and Lewes.  Migrated to Australia in 1984.) married Errol BARLOW from Temple Street, Calcutta, two children:

  1. Candice Barlow

  2. Calvin Barlow

Stephen MADEIRA of No.3 Gumghar Lane, Off Chandni Chowk Street married Christina LEE of No.4 Bentinck Street on the 4th August 1990. Now residing at Radhanath Choudhury Road (Entally). Children:

  1. Patrick Madeira, doing his schooling at St. Joseph's College, Bowbaazar

  2. Nikita  Madeira, doing her schooling at Loreto Day School, Dharamtala.

  (info from Stephen Madeira )


info from Brenda Carter

Lookwell Joseph MADEIRA married Matilda ?? (Birdie). Lookwell and Birdie lived in Calcutta where Birdie was a nurse. Lookwell died in Secunderabad. Lookwell & Birdie had 10 children:

  1. Monica Ivy Madeira (Mona) (b1898, d 1934)

  2. Herbert Madeira [ never married]

  3. Frances Madeira

  4. Percy Madeira [ never married]

  5. Nora Madeira

  6. Bernard Madeira (b 1896)

  7. Nesta Madeira

  8. Margaret Isabella Madeira "Marjorie" (b 1890)

  9. Elsie Adelaide Madeira (b 1907)

  10. Norman Madeira

Next Generation

Monica Ivy MADEIRA (Mona) (b1898, d 1934) at 25yrs on 12 Dec 1923 in Kharagpur married 29yr Eric Frederick CARTER Driver for B.N Rly from 4/11/1912 to 24/11/1947 (b 9 Nov 1894 Howrah, d 25 May 1976 Melbourne, Australia), children:

  1. Duncan Joseph CARTER born in 1925

  2. Edward Gerald CARTER born in 1927

  3. Leonard CARTER born in 1929

  4. Kathleen Mary CARTER born in 1932

  5. Reginald CARTER born in Chakradharpur in 1934

Nora MADEIRA married Stephen LE BROY


Bernard MADEIRA Driver for B N Rlwy (b 1896) at 23yrs on 7 May 1919 in Asansol married 30yr widow  Lillian STACEY nee  STOCKING (b 1889, d Melbourne 13 Jan 1963, daughter of Christian Stocking).


Nesta MADEIRA married "?" BLUETT


Margaret Isabella MADEIRA "Marjorie" (b 1890) at 26yrs on 10 May 1916 in Chakendorpur, Kharagpur, married 24yr Foster MALCOLMSON (Sandy) (b 1892 son of James Malcolmson)


Elsie Adelaide MADEIRA (b 1907) at 19yrs on 13 May 1926 in Calcutta married 24yr Wilfred Donald WHITE (b 1902 son of James White)



? MADEIRA married Addie NIPPS


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