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I am wondering if there are any Howell, MacKenzie, Scott or Fletcher relatives still living in Bangalore. We left India in 1948 and have never returned, but this coming March 2015 we plan to be in Bangalore for about six days and would like to catch up with anyone related to Benjamin Howell, or Herbert MacKenzie, or Terrence Fletcher (All deceased)



? MacKENZIE married ?, children:

  1. Kenneth John Hodson MacKenzie (b 4 Jun 1940 Madras)

Next Generation

Kenneth John Hodson MacKENZIE (b 4 Jun 1940 Madras) married Nancy Carew Hodson WILSON, (bchildren:

  1. ? MacKenzie (b 4 Jun 1940 Madras)

  2. Keith MacKenzie (b 13 Oct 1942 Madras)



Hi there, If any one can help me with any information that would be wonderful. I also would like to get in touch with kids who went to the Convent in Loretto Convent Entally in the early 1980. I can be reached at


info from Tangerine Gaynor

Donoven MacKENZIE (born 1880, was a seaman in the early 1900, travelled to Russia in the year 1910) married ?? FLETCHER, children:

  1. Lewis Henry MacKenzie was born on the 30th May 1919

Next Generation

Lewis Henry MacKENZIE (born on the 30th May 1919) married ??, children:

  1. Tangerine MacKenzie (Tangy) born on the 19th of May 1969

Next Generation

Tangerine MacKENZIE (Tangy) born on the 19th of May 1969 married ?? GAYNOR


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