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?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Maximilian Joseph Luxa (b ?, d 7 Dec 1873 Madras)

Next Generation

Maximilian Joseph LUXA (b ?, d 7 Dec 1873 Madras) married Rose Elizabeth ? (b 1829, d 12 Jan 1859 Madras, age 30yrs), children:

  1. Gilbert Frederick Ludington Luxa (b 16 Nov 1853 Madras, d 13 Jul 1854 Madras, infant)


?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Edward LUXA (b 1791, d 12 Feb 1877 Madras)

Next Generation

Edward LUXA  (b 1791, d 12 Feb 1877 Madras) married ?, children:

  1. John William Luxa (b 1823)

Next Generation

John William LUXA (b 1823) at 23yrs on 6 May 1846 in Madras married 19yr Henrietta WILLIAMS (b 1827), children:

  1. Annabele Rose Luxa (b 29 Sep 1848 Madras)


?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Richard Edward LUXA (b 1826, d 18 May 1873 Madras, age 47)


?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Manuel Luxa

Next Generation

Manuel LUXA married Caroline ?, children:

  1. Henry Charles Luxa (b 1853, d 17 Sep 1875 Vepery, 22yrs)


?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Henry Charles Luxa

Next Generation

Henry Charles LUXA married Mary Anne ?, (b 1844, d 17 Dec 1875 Madras) children:

  1. Theresa Luxa (b 29 Oct 1858 Bangalore)

  2. Emily Clementina Luxa (b 15 Mar 1860 Bangalore)

  3. Milburne Edgecomb Joseph Luxa (b 17 Oct 1867 Bangalore)

  4. Sydney Claremont Joseph Luxa (b 12 Dec 1869 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Sidney Claremont Joseph LUXA (b 12 Dec 1869) married ??


Sidney Claremont Joseph LUXA (b 12 Dec 1869) widowed at 27yrs on 16 Nov 1896 in Vizagapatam married 14yr Mary SHERIDAN (b 1882 , children:

  1. Henry Charles Luxa (b 4 Aug 1901 Byculla)


?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Joseph Luxa

Next Generation

Joseph LUXA married Eliza ?, children:

  1. Charles William Luxa (b 3 Sep 1860 Madras)

  2. Rose Alice Luxa (b 19 June 1869, d 16 Aug 1870 Madras age 1)


?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. E Luxa

Next Generation

E LUXA married Wilhelmina Elizabeth ? (b 1842, d 29 Nov 1900 Ferozepore, age 58)



?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. E A Luxa

Next Generation

E A LUXA married Caroline Augusta ?, children:

  1. Jane Luxa (b 1862, d 2 Aug 1862 Madras, infant)


M J LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Herbert Alfred Luxa (b 1848)

Next Generation

Herbert Alfred LUXA (b 1848) at 32yrs on 20 Oct 1880 in Madras married 19yr Alice Maud DENTON, (daughter of W Denton) children:

  1. Douglas Henry Hubert Luxa

  2. Hugh M Denhu Luxa (b 30 Jul 1883 Black Town, Madras)


(George and Samina have family in Lahore Pakistan and their genealogy details are very sketchy. George is unsure of his birth year as his passport has his brothers (uslim?) year of birth on it. i know that George's mother died when he was very young (around 5yrs) and that his father remarried. he has twin brothers that were adopted out as infants and have never been located. i think that Georges father was Ross Eward Luxa (or Edward Ross). don't know if this sounds like part of the gene pool that u r looking for and i really don't have many details as the record keeping in Pakistan in the 50's was not too accurate and it is all coming to me in dribs and drabs. if it sounds like people that u r interested in, please let me know and i will endeavour to help. oh and i think George's grandmother was part maori, just to add to the confusion, thanks Katie Luxa  :)

"Edward did 2nd marriage after the death of his 1st wife. He had one baby boy from her 2nd wife. (No other data known yet) But later on he divorced her and married a women named Miraaj begum. Miraj is now around 75years old. He had four children from Miraj begum. He died after that when his youngest child was around 7. His grave is in Ghory Shah grave yard opposite University of engineering and technology. dovede94@gmail and  

info from

?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Arthur Joseph LUXA

Next Generation

Arthur Joseph LUXA dob 1875 soldier in WW1 married Henriette McCULLOUGH dob 6/7/1875 from New Zealand they had 8 children:

  1. Samuel or Samcey McCullough Luxa (b England,  lived in Lahore Pakistan)

  2. Clement John Luxa (b 20/10/1896, d aged 82yrs Dec 1978, Bristol, Avon. Llived in England at 44 Harrow Rd Bristol)

  3. ?

  4. ?

  5. ?

  6. ?

  7. ?

  8. Edward Ross Luxa (b 1914 youngest lived at 299 GT Rd Lahore Pakistan)

Next Generation

Clement John LUXA (b 20/10/1896, d aged 82yrs Dec 1978, Bristol, Avon) Engineer,  on 11 May 1927 in Jamalpur, Bengal, married Edith Josephine DANIEL (b 1910 daughter of Eric George Daniel). Children:

  1. Ronald Luxa

At the age of 48, Clement arrived at Liverpool with son Ronald Luxa, apprentice (age 17) on 14th April 1947 aboard ship Georgic from Bombay. Proposed address in UK was Swindon, Wiltshire.


Edward Ross LUXA, aka MOHD AHSAN LUXA (b 1914 youngest lived at 299 GT Rd Lahore Pakistan) on 15/10/1940 in Bathinda married Sheela Edith McCURLEY (only child, b 10/9/1919, d 1951). her father Richard George McCurley was from Ireland. 6 children:

  1. Phelomina Henretta Luxa (b Feb 1942)

  2. Joanna Leonora Luxa (b April 1943)

  3. Anthony Joseph Luxa (b July 1945)

  4. George Bosco Luxa (b November 1947)

  5. Maria Luxa (Twin b 8 Aug 1951 baptised at St Anthony's Church, Empress Rd, Lahore). Sent to Katherine's Orphanage, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

  6. Joseph Luxa (Twin b 8 August 1951baptised at St Anthony's Church, Empress Rd, Lahore ). Sent to Katherine's Orphanage, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

(Sheela died after giving birth, twins were adopted out )


Edward Ross LUXA, aka MOHD AHSAN LUXA (b 1914 youngest lived at 299 GT Rd Lahore Pakistan) after the death of his 1st wife Sheela, married ??, 1 child:

  1. ?

Edward Ross LUXA, aka MOHD AHSAN LUXA (b 1914 youngest lived at 299 GT Rd Lahore Pakistan. Edward died when his youngest son from his 3rd marriage was about 7yrs. Edward was buried in Ghory Shah grave yard opposite University of Engineering and Technology) divorced his 2nd wife and married Miraaj Begum. 4 children:

  1. Tanveer Gull Luxa

  2. Mazhar Ehsaan luxa

  3. Tasneem Sattar luxa

  4. Malik Mustafa Ehsan Luxa

Next Generation

George Bosco LUXA b.Nov 1947 married Samina Khanam KHAN ( b 2 oct 1952), have been in Australia for about 32 yrs and live in Perth West Aust. they have 2 sons:

  1. Raymond Ross luxa  b. 12 nov 1972  (born gulraiz luxa)

  2. James Edward luxa   b. 23 feb 1975  (born guljamil luxa)

Tanveer Gull LUXA, she is living in Ali park, lahore cantt, Pakistan, married ??, children:

  1. Durnaid Foysal lives in Ireland

  2. Kinnan Gull lives in Divine Center, lahore, Pakistan

Tanveer Gull LUXA, she is living in Ali park, Lahore cantt, Pakistan, 2nd marriage ??, No children:


Mazhar Ehsaan LUXA, he is living near Shalamar town, Lahore, Pakistan, married Naaz Mazhar. Two children :

  1. Minahil Mazhar

  2. Musa Mazhar

Tasneem Sattar LUXA, she married twice, lives in Gulshan Ali Colony, Lahore, Pakistanmarried ?, 2 daughters from her 1st marriage:

  1. Hira

  2. Maryam

Malik Mustafa Ehsan LUXA, he married ?, 2 children who all live in Ali Park, Lahore, Pakistan:

  1. Maiza Mustafa Luxa

  2. Asad Mustafa Luxa


?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Walter Joseph LUXA

Next Generation

Walter Joseph LUXA married Beatrice LAZARO.  Had 10 children.  

  1. Leslie Luxa

  2. ?,

  3. Gerald,

  4. Douglas,

  5. Noreen,

  6. Cynthia Mary Luxa (b 1933)

  7. Basil,

  8. Denzil,

  9. Mavis

  10. Noel.

Next Generation

Cynthia Mary LUXA (b. 1933) married Harold Anthony GARRETT (b1921 Perambur, Madras- d 2000 Melbourne), children:

  1. K Garrett (b1966 Calcutta)

  2. Dean Joseph Garrett (b. 1968),

  3. Michelle Mary Garrett (b. 1969)

Mavis LUXA (born 06/08/1939,  Madras, India, married Eardley JONES (b1937, Calcutta) children:

  1. Lorraine Howard (nee) Jones (b1961) Muzzapur

  2. Michael Jones (b1963

   info from Lorraine



(Info supplied by  Hilary PRESTON, 19 October 1999 and 19 March 2004)

?? LUXA married ??, children:

  1. Harold Luxa

Next Generation

Harold LUXA married Elizabeth BOUCHER, 5 children :

  1. Sheila Luxa

  2. Stanley Luxa (b 1917)

  3. Joyce Luxa (b  1919)

  4. George Mervin Luxa (b 1921)

  5. Harold William Luxa (b 1925)

Next Generation

Stanley LUXA married Una ACTON. 3 children :

  1. Kenneth Luxa

  2. Penelope Luxa

  3. Joan Luxa

Joyce LUXA married Richard RICKETTS : 4 children :

  1. Anne Susan Ricketts (b 1941, Delhi)

  2. June Evelyn Ricketts (b 1943, Delhi 

  3. Averil Margurite Ricketts  (b1946)

  4. Susan Joyce Ricketts (b 1954, d 1972)

George Mervin LUXA married Freda McKENZIE in 1947.5 children:

  1. Robert Luxa

  2. Christina Mary Luxa (Wendy)

  3. Kate Luxa

  4. Valerie Luxa 

  5. Diana Luxa

Harold William LUXA (Robert) (b 5 May 1925) married Rennie REIRDAN, 2 children:

  1. Lynn Luxa

  2. Patrick Luxa

Next Generation

Kenneth Luxa married Marie ?


Penelope Luxa married John VYSE,


Joan Luxa married Steven BARROW, 2 children:

  1. Charles Barrow

  2. Melinie Barrow

Robert Luxa married Claire CROMPTON, children,

  1. Samuel Luxa

  2. Daniel Luxa

      (info from Robert LUXA )   


Christina Mary Luxa (Wendy) married Gavin Gibbons, 2 children:

  1. Gawain Gibbons,

  2. Catherine Gibbons. 

Kate Luxa married John Wilson, 1 child,

  1. Victoria Wilson

Valerie Luxa  married Keith Dickinson, 2 children:

  1. Kim Dickinson

  2. Andrew Dickinson

Diana Luxa married Hal Wharton, 2 children:

  1. Vanessa Wharton

  2. Tanya Wharton

Lynn Luxa married ? KASPRAK.


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