LINCOLN Family Tree

info to be submitted by Marcelle Brooks 

? LINCOLN married ?  , children: 

  1. Denzil, 
  2. Richard

Denzil Harold LINCOLN married Evarine Mildred ROWLAND, children: Edna Maud

Edna Maud LINCOLN married Frank NEWBURY,  children : Marcelle (born in Byculla, Bombay,India)

(My Grandparents on my Mother side is the only record I have...Evarine Mildred Rowland and Denzil Harold Lincoln. I do know my Grandfather had a brother Richard Lincoln who just recently died. My Grandmother had a sister named Hyacynth Rowland and I do not believe either one married. I would really like to trace my family genealogy and see if I have any living relatives but have no idea where to start as India even though my birth country, I have only a fleeting memory  as I left when 8yrs old to go to England. I now reside in Canada arriving in my early youth. Marcelle Brooks )


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