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info from Danny Le Febour jbl2002@bigpond.net.au
Hello, I am trying to chase back my family tree in relation to the Le febour Family. My father was from India and married there to my mother Alice. My father worked for Air India for a number of years and went by the nick name "Bunny", Le Febour. Our entire family now live in Perth WA and I would lie to find out more about my past roots. If anyone has any information, please contact me on my email address. jbl2002@bigpond.net.au



John LeFEBOUR married ??, children:

  1. Beatrice Agnes LeFEBOUR (b 1871)

Next Generation

Beatrice Agnes LeFEBOUR (b 1871) at 28yrs on 6 Feb 1899 at Madras married 26yr Dudley H DUMPHY (b 1873 son of Donald Dumphy)



Charles LeFEBOUR married ??, children:

  1. Ann Mary Lefebour (b 1829)

  2. John Alexander Augustus LeFebour (b 1838  d 24 Jan 1890 age 51)

Next Generation

Ann Mary Lefebour (b 1829) at age 24 on 21 Dec 1853 in Bangalore married 45yr widower Thomas Pereira (b 1808 son of Francis Pereira)


John Alexander Augustus LeFEBOUR, Clerk (b 1838, d 24 Jan 1890 age 51), at 21yrs at Madras on 15 June 1859 married 18yr Agnes Eliza FONCECA (b 1841), Banns by J Fennelly, witnesses M N Campbell, Clarissa Richards. LDS Film 521850 Vol 40(P 147).

  1. Edward Charles Swion Lefebour (b 25 Jul 1860 Madras)

  2. Louisa Edith May Lefebour (b 29 Sep 1863 Madras)

  3. Anselm Joseph Lefebour

  4. Lena Ann Lefebour

  5. Laura Elizabeth Lefebour

  6. John Stanislaus Lefebour (b 1916, d 9 May 1930 Pallavaram)

  7. Mabel Bridget Octavia Lefebour

  8. Frances Mary Lefebour (b 7 Sep 1880)



info from Ron Gent gents@iinet.net.au 

?? LeFEBOUR married ??, children:

  1. John Stanislaus Le Febour

Next Generation

John Stanislaus LeFEBOUR married Teresa Mary ??(deputy Post Master, Nellore), children:

  1. Mary Beryl Agnes Lefebour (b 28 Jan 1908)

  2. Louisa Mary LeFEBOUR (b 21 Feb 1910, died 1936)

Next Generation

Louisa Mary LeFEBOUR (b 1910, d 1936) married Harold GENT (b 14/01/1909 at Clay Cross Derbyshire England, son of Frederick James Gent) on 22/05/1933 at St. Mary's Cathedral Madras. Children:

  1. Ronald Harold Gent (born 01/04/1934) at Women & Childrens Hospital Egmore

  2. Francis Roberts Gent (born 01/09/35) at Egmore.

(Trying to establish whereabouts of surviving relatives of Le Febour family whom we have never known and especially location of mothers grave (she died 1936) so that we can visit and pay our emotional respects to a mother we have never known either! The Le Febours were from either Nellore or Madras during the year of the marriage. Ronald Gent  gents@iinet.net.au    )


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