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Walter LARGE  married Mary Hilda KIRBY (b. 1 Mar 1905 Agra d. 3 Jun 1982)  on 21 May 1928 Jubbulpore, India. Mary's nickname was Loo. She was the one in the family who was always getting in to trouble. One tale was of her dressed up in her Sunday best before church when she decided to cool off under the tap while waiting for her mother who found her dripping wet. Another time she was locked in the larder room where she quietly had her fill of chillies and hot pickles before she called out "Can I come out now?"  When older Loo was taken to Italy for two years by her mother to train her  voice for opera singing. Joe von Ruhland remembers Loo singing the High Mass at the church in Ahmednagar as it had never been sung before. 


?? LARGE married ??, children:              

  1. Mabelle Ellen Marjorie Large (b. 27 Mar 1930 Ahmednagar, India) 

  2. ?  Large         

Next Generation

Mabelle Ellen Marjorie LARGE (b. 27 Mar 1930 Ahmednagar, India) married Albert Edward RAMAGE ( b. 19 Feb 1918 Scotstown, Scotland).  Mabelle's family lived in Kirkee for a while but had moved to Poona when she started school. Her family now live in Auckland New Zealand. children

  1. Christina Ramage b. 14 Mar 1956 Birmingham, England 

  2. Richard Ramage b. 16 July 1994 Auckland New Zealand  

  3. Edward George Ramage b. 20 Sep 1957 Birmingham, England

  4. Carol Ann Ramage b. 7 Oct 1965 Birmingham, England         


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John LARGE (b24/10/1934 approx, Calcutta, India) married Imelda BAPTISTE (b17/10/1931 approx Calcutta, India), children:

  1. Wendy Large (b 9/10/1956 Calcutta, India)

  2. Sylvia Large (b 10/01/58 Calcutta, India, living in Melbourne)

Next Generation

Wendy Large (b 9/10/1956 Calcutta, India) married ?? DAUNT,

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