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info from Patty Welsh cjvarnas@bigpond.com

?? JANSEN married ??, children:

  1. Stella Mary JANSEN

Next Generation

Stella Mary JANSEN married Percival Sydney George PEBERDY, Their children are:

  1. Sydney Peberdy

  2. Pamela Peberdy

  3. Yvette Peberdy

  4. Yvonne Peberdy

  5. George Peberdy

  6. Keith Peberdy

  7. Patty Peberdy


info from elmarose@rogers.com

In search of living members of Pat Jansen's family. I would like to know more about the family and would appreciate being contacted at the above e-mail address. Thank you.


?? JANSEN married ??, children:

  1. Elma Zita JANSEN (born Salem, Madras June 23, 1923)

Next Generation

Elma Zita JANSEN (born Salem, Madras June 23, 1923) married Stanislaus Harold SEQUEIRA (born in Banglaore  March 4, 1908, worked for the Post and Telegraphs in India and opted for Pakistan in 1947), children:

  1. Elma Sequeira (born in Madras on July 17, 1945)

  2. Sheila

  3. Ena

  4. Elaine

  5. Aureen

  6. Frances

  7. Mona

  8. Trevor Jansen-Sequeira

(I am the son of Stanlaus Sequeira (deceased) and Elma (nee Jansen). My parents left Madras and moved to Lahore, W. Pakistan, when I was four years old. In search of members of the Jansen family.  My mother Elma and her sisters (Sheila, Ena, Elaine, Aureen, Frances and Mona) lived in 59 Veteran Lines, Pallavaram, Madras. I met two of my Aunts, Aureen & Frances, when I visited them in 1972.  Would love to get in touch with surviving family members. Trevor trevor.jansen-sequeira@sympatico.ca )



Albert JANSEN married ?, children:

  1. Albert Jansen (b 1825)

Next Generation

Albert JANSEN (b 1825) at 22yrs on 16 feb 1847 in Madras married 20yr Adelaide Victoria MacAULEY, (b 1827 daughter of Henry MacAuley) children:

  1. Albert William Jansen (b 13 Dec 1847 Madras)

  2. Adelaide Maria Jansen (b 12 Dec 1853 Madras)

  3. Maria Adelaide Jansen (b 1854)

  4. Charles John Jansen (b 17 Mar 1860 Madras)

  5. Sarah Jane Jansen (b 28 Apr 1862 Madras)

  6. George Alexander Jansen (b 13 Jan 1864 Madras, c 6 Apr 1864 Bezwarah)

  7. Thomas Jansen (b 7 Aug 1866 Madras)

  8. Henry St John Jansen (b 14 Oct 1868 Madras)

  9. Ellen Jansen (b 1 Oct 1870 Madras)

  10. Thomas Jansen (b 1871 Kolar Gold Fields)

  11. Mary Henrietta Jansen (c 17 Sep 1878 Madras)

Next Generation

Maria Adelaide Jansen (b 1854) at 19yrs on 4 Jun 1873 in Blacktown, Madras, married 32yr Samuel Coultrup JOHNSON (b 1841 son of Philip Johnson)


Sarah Jane JANSEN (b 28 Apr 1862 Madras) married John Michael CONWAY, (b 1859, d 12 Feb 1882 Vepery) children:

  1. Jane Elizabeth Victorine Conway (b 29 Jul 1882 Madras) at 16yrs on 25 May 1898 in Madras married 25yr Eugene Joseph Everard WOUTERSZ (b 1873 son of Bartholomew James Woutersz)

Sarah Jane CONWAY nee Jansen (b 28 Apr 1862 Madras) at 22yrs on 21 Sep 1885 in Vepery married 24yr George GOMEZ (b 1861 son of James William Gomez).


Henry St John JANSEN (b 14 Oct 1868 Madras) married Jane Amelia Florence ??, children:

  1. Albert St John Jansen (b 8 Sep 1903 Rangoon)

  2. Elaine Maisey Ena Jansen (b 10 Jun 1912 Madras)

  3. Daphne Myrtle Peronne Jansen (b 1917)

  4. Godfrey Henry Jansen (b 2 Dec 1919 Aryab)

Thomas JANSEN (b 1871 Kolar Gold Fields) at 30yrs on 23 Oct 1901 in Kolar Gold Fields married 17yr Elizabeth Marguerite ADAMS (b 1884 daughter of John Adams), children:

  1. Joseph Edward Richard Jansen (b 16 Jul 1902 Kolar Gold Fields)

  2. Anthony Vincent Jansen (b 14 Jan 1905 Champion Reef)

  3. Anthony Percy Valentine Jansen (b 6 Jun 1910 Kolar Gold Fields)

  4. Anthony Joseph Sidney Jansen (b 10 Apr 1912 Kolar Gold Fields)

  5. Victory Joseph Franzy Jansen (b 23 Dec 1914, Hyderabad)

Next Generation

Albert St John JANSEN (b 8 Sep 1903 Rangoon) at 27yrs on 18 Jun 1934 in Maymyo married 19yr Olga Georgiana MIDDLETON (b 1915 daughter of Stanley Hugh Middleton)


Daphne Myrtle Peronne JANSEN (b 1917) at 23yrs on 15 Aug 1940 in Bangalore married 32yr James Daniel WAPSHARE (b 1908, son of George Robert Wapshare)



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