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info from Joseph Hurtis

Domnic Hurtis (Cochin) married Mary Lopez, children

  1. Annie Hurtis
  2. Francis Hurtis (expired)

Next Generation
Annie Hurtis married Antony Rodrigues (Alappey)

Francis Hurtis (expired) married Clery ? (Cochin),  Children,

  1. Antony Joseph
  2. jenson hurtis
  3. Basil Hurtis (CPT, Cochin)

Next Generation

Antony Joseph Hurtis married Suja,

Jenson Hurtis married Jerseen

Basil Hurtis (CPT, Cochin) married Philomina Gomez (expired),  Children

  1. Joseph Antony Hurtis (Village Officer, Kerala)
  2. Hasil Mary Hurtis
  3. Hampton Lawrence Hurtis (Info Park, Kakanadu)
  4. Halton Hurtis ( Sharjah, UAE)

Next Generation

Joseph Antony Hurtis (Village Officer, Kerala) married Rene Carduz, Son

  1. Seblon Basil Hurtis

Hasil Mary Hurtis married to Rony Perera


I am looking out for other HURTIS families - please get in touch as soon as possible. Thanks Humphrey Hurtis

Mathew Hurtis  married Bibian NETTO from Tangasserry - (Quilon) Kerala - Their children were,

  1. IRRY Hurtis
  2. GAILY - she married NICHOLAS FERNANDZ,
  4. MERRY Married MILLIE VAZ,
  8. SUNNY was the youngest he expired.  

Next Generation

Irry HURTIS - first married Bertha DONEY - had four children -

  1. Barney Hurtis
  2. Mathew Hurtis
  3. Curley Hurtis
  4. Desmond Hurtis

After Bertha Expired, Irry HURTIS married Bertha's younger sister Joyce ??- They had

  1. Eileen Hurtis
  2. Fewtin Hurtis
  3. Gavin Hurtis
  4. Humphrey Hurtis
  5. Robin Hurtis

Next Generation

Barney HURTIS (b? d 2001) married Gwennie ??(now lives in Calicut -Kerala)- They had two sons -

Mathew HURTIS married Rene ?? children:

  1. Gretchen Hurtis who married Satish - they have a daughter - they both are in Dubai.
  2. Konrad Hurtis is married to Suchitra and has a daughter.

Curley HURTIS - This message is for you and your family should any of you come across this please mail me at we have lost touch of you for a long time - the same is with Desmond (Dessy)

Eileen HURTIS is married to Xavier ? and has a daughter

  1. Anita who is married and has 3 kids - sons, Richard and Mark are unmarried - last son Gregory is married and blessed with a daughter.

Fewtin HURTIS (reside at Chrompet, Madras) married Judaline BROWN and has two daughters

  1. Sabrina Hurtis married Jerry ?? and lives in Delhi -
  2. Geraldine Hurtis is married to Neal ?? and is blest with a daughter.

Gavin HURTIS married Espie (Bertha), Children:

  1. Elton Hurtis
  2. Gizelle Hurtis

Humphrey HURTIS married Aureen ?, and have one daughter -

  1. Avril Hurtis

Robin HURTIS married Bernie ?- they have a son:

  1. Varun Hurtis

Next Generation

Elton Hurtis married Preeti - they are blest with:

  1. Nikhil Hurtis
  2. Nishka Hurtis

Gizelle Hurtis married  Edril ? and they all live in Mumbai.

Avril Hurtis on 18/2/2006 married Nigel McLeod from Sydney -

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