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?? HOOPER married ??, children:

  1. Dennis Hooper

Next Generation

Dennis HOOPER married Jean ALWEYN. They live in Bangalore. Children:

  1. Gary Hooper

  2. Andrea Hooper

  3. Sharon Hooper (Settled in The U.A.E),

  4. Alistair Hooper

  5. Ricardo Hooper (Lives in Bangalore).


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?? HOOPER married ??, children:

  1. Albert HOOPER (died on 20th October 1918, in Dehra-Dun)

Next Generation

Albert HOOPER (died on 20th October 1918, in Dehra-Dun) married Ellen ??



info from theseniorhoopers@yahoo.com

?? HOOPER married ??, children:

  1. Victor Bernard Hooper

Next Generation

Victor Bernard HOOPER married Barbara Celine HENDRICKS (School:St. Joseph's Convent, Champion Reef , Kolar Gold Fields), living in the US.



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?? HOOPER married ??, children:

  1. Charmaine Maria Hooper (School: Sacred Heart Girls' High School (S.H.Y) Yercaud )

Next Generation

Charmaine Maria HOOPER married ? D'MONTE



info from marion.dmonte@wilmerhale.com and Marcus BAIN marcusbain@hotmail.com

?? HOOPER married ??, children:

  1. Marion Colleen Hooper (School: Sacred Heart Girls' High School (S.H.Y) Yercaud )

Next Generation

Marion Colleen HOOPER (born 27/03/1957 Bangalore) married Michael John Christopher BAIN (born 31/05/1955). Children

  1. Marcus David BAIN (born 06/08/77 Bangalore) Resides London England since 1983

Marion Colleen HOOPER (born 27/03/1957 Bangalore, lived in Croydon, S.E. London, for twenty years and then moved to Maryland, USA, in December 1999.) married ? D'MONTE , children:

  1. Kristina D'Monte (Maryland, U.S.A.)

  2. Dillon D'Monte (Maryland, U.S.A.)


Info submitted by Alister Fuller alisterfuller@optushome.com.au and honorenemaxworth38@hotmail.com

Theodore HOOPER married Avis DUBIERchildren:

  1. Carlton Hooper   ( b14th Dec 1943, d 6th April 2011)

  2. Honorene Hooper 

Next Generation

Carlton HOOPER ( b,14th Dec 1943,d, 06th April 2011) married Honorene LEWIS ( b,27th April 1944, d, 22nd August 1993). Their children

  1. Sean Hooper (b 1977)

  2. Maria Hooper ( b May 1981)

  3. Michelle Hooper ( b April 1986)

Honorene HOOPER married Trevor MAXWORTHTheir children: 

  1. Judette Maxworth

  2. Craig Maxworth

  3. Carol Ann Maxworth  

Next Generation

Sean HOOPER (b 1977) married Antoinette STEPHENS (b May 1980) on 9- september-2006 at Our Lady Lourdes Shrine -Perambur -  chennai. Their Children:

  1. Sarah Hyacinth Hooper ( b, 30th March 2011)

Maria Hooper ( b May 1981) married Sheldon Farrar from Chennai, Madhavaram ( b September 1980)


Michelle Hooper ( b April 1986) married Ashwin Shekar from Chennai, Valsarawalkam ( b October 1987)

 (info from Antoinette  sean_ann2000@yahoo.com )


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