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I am looking for any info on Daphine Baldwin, Married Ian Derick Hawkins in Calcutta and moved to Mumbai (Bombay). I am their daughter Cynthia. My mom had a brother Stanley in the military in India, some where in Mirzarapur not sure of the spelling.  Any info would help.  Thanks


Edward HAWKINS changed surname from BEDE (b 1897, son of Samuel Bede) at 25yrs on 4 Dec 1922 in Lahore married 23yr Muriel Gladys PRITCHARD, (b 1899, daughter of Thomas Finlay Pritchard) children:

  1. Ian Derrick Edward Hawkins (b 2 Apr 1924, c 25 May 1924 Ambala)

  2. Barbara Pamela Patricia Hawkins (b 25 Apr 1926, c 23 May 1926 Delhi)

  3. Jean Yvonne Hawkins (b 6 Jan 1930, c 9 Feb 1930 Ambala)

  4. Joyce Heather Hawkins (b 12 Sep 1932, c 14 Oct 1932 Quetta)

  5. Phoebe Priscilla Hawkins (b 4 Feb 1935, c 10 Mar 1935)

Next Generation

Ian Derrick Edward HAWKINS (b 2 Apr 1924, c 25 May 1924 Ambala) married Daphne Contience BALDWIN in Calcutta about 1950, then moved to Bombay, children:

  1. Cynthia Hawkins

Next Generation

Cynthia HAWKINS married George Craciun, two kids

  1. Maya Craciun

  2. Aneel Craciun

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