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?? HARRIS married ??, children:

  1. Henry Harris

Next Generation

Henry HARRIS married Wilhelmina ?, children:

  1. John Henry Harris (b 20 Jul 1876 Madras)

  2. Henry Harris (b 18 Nov 1878 Vepery, d 19 Nov 1878 Pursewalkam)

  3. Ruth Harris (b 30 Mar 1887 Madras)


?? HARRIS married ??, children:

  1. Caroline Hannah Harris (b abt 1859)

Next Generation

Caroline Hannah HARRIS (b abt 1859) at 27yrs in 1886 in Godstone, Surrey married 30yr Surgeon Richard John Taylor FONCECA employed at the Colonial Emigration Service (26yr boarder at Bonny St, Pancras District, London in 1881) (born abt 1856 Madras India, d 1910 Croydon, Surrey), children as per Census in 1881, 1891 and on 31 March 1901 Monmouthshire:

  1. Noel Charles Fonceca (b 1888 Billericay, Brentwood, Essex). At age 20, Immigration in April 1908 to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In Feb 1909 recorded at Canadian/US border crossing in Vermont, USA.

  2. Muriel Fonceca (b 1890 Brentwood, Essex)

  3. Zelma Fonceca (b 1893 Brentwood, Essex)

  4. Inez Fonceca (b 1896 Tavistock, Devonshire)

  5. Edna Fonceca (b 1897 Tavistock, Devonshire)

  6. Eileen Fonceca (b 1898 Tavistock, Devonshire)

  7. Gwendoline Fonceca (b 1899 Tavistock, Devonshire)

        1911 Census in England: Mabel Fonceca, Sackville House 4 Bedford Park, Single, British Subject by parentage

        (b abt 1864 Madras, residing on 2 April 1911 at Croydon, Surrey, age 47yrs.). Occupants:

Henry Harris (Nephew) Mechanical Engineer, age 33yrs b Madras

Muriel Fonceca 20yrs b Brentwood, Essex

Zelma Fonceca 18yrs b Brentwood, Essex

Inez Fonceca 15yrs b Tavistock, Devonshire

Edna Fonceca 14yrs b Tavistock, Devonshire

Eileen Fonceca 13yrs b Tavistock, Devonshire

Gwendoline Fonceca 12yrs b Tavistock, Devonshire

Margaret Smith (Aunt) widow age 73 yrs b Hyderabad.


info from   alister1967@yahoo.com

Joe Harris married Edith Boot.  Sons:

  1. Alfred Harris,

  2. George Harris,

  3. Charlie Harris,

Next Generation

Alfred Harris Married Iris D'Gama  Sons:

  1. Gordan Harris

  2. Noel Harris

  3. Geraldine Harris,

  4. Sandy Harris,

  5. Cheryl Harris,

  6. Jenny Harris,

Charles Harris married Noreen D'Gama, Children

  1. Valerie Harris

  2. June Harris,

  3. Hilda Harris,

  4. Linda Harris

  5. Llewellyn Harris

Next Generation

Gordan Harris Married Arlene FRANCIS,   Sons:

  1. Gregory Harris,

  2. Romel Harris,

  3. Amanda Harris.

Geraldine Harris Married Loyd Seamen, Sons

  1. Walon,

  2. Shoan

Sandy Harris Married Norman Anderson,


Cheryl Harris Married Jude Reeves.


Jenny Harris Married Garry Anderson,



Hi, looking for any information relating to my family tree.  My parents Thomas Harris and Dorothy D'Cruz had 3 children Maurice Harris, Neil Harris and me Dolores Harris (many people may not be aware of me as I was born quite late into my family) they lived in Calcutta, India and my father Thomas used to work at Brooke Bonds.  My grandmother was Winifred McDermott who also lived in Calcutta, (Winifred's maiden name was Moxon, born in Australia according to her death certificate) she had 4 children Dorothy D'Cruz, George and Terrence McDermott and Willmot Rebeiro.  Finding it extremely difficult to trace any of my tree relating to India, would like any contact with anyone who may have known my family, if you have any information relating to the above please contact deeroach@mikeroach248.karoo.co.uk

?? HARRIS married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Harris

Next Generation

Thomas HARRIS of Calcutta, work at Brooke Bonds,  married Dorothy D'CRUZ and had 3 children:

  1. Maurice Harris

  2. Neil Harris

  3. Dolores Harris


info from Robert Charles Young rcyoung5@hotmail.com

?? HARRIS married ??, children:

  1. Maisie Margaret Harris (born 4/05/1952,kolkata,west bengal)

Next Generation

Maisie Margaret HARRIS (born 4/05/1952,kolkata,west bengal) in 1969 in Kolkata, married John Stanley YOUNG (born 17/10/1950,kalchini,dooars dist jalpaiguri, west bengal), children:

  1. Robert Charles Young


info from Ray Wright rrwright@actrix.gen.nz

?? HARRIS married ??  children:

  1. Margaret Harris

Next Generation

Margaret HARRIS, widow aged 28 years, married John Edward Lillywhite, pensioner Sergeant, widower age 46 years, Marriage by Banns at Bangalore on 1 July 1856. Witnesses - S. BARNES & Mary BARNES. Both parties resident in Bangalore at time of marriage. Children:

  1. Laura Evangeline Lillywhite born 12 August 1858 in Trichinopoly, India.


info from Sharon Taylor sharon991@aol;com

I am trying to trace my mothers family and info of her. She used to live in the Byculla district of Bombay (Mumbai). All I know is that she lived there until the time my father Alfred Harris went over in the second world war. They met and married in the Megan David Synagogue Byculla, then came back to England were she had 3 children. The Ezra name belongs to my grandmother who had 4 sisters. The all came to England, now all passed away. I would appreciate any help.


?? HARRIS married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Harris

Next Generation

Alfred HARRIS married ?? in the Megan David Synagogue Byculla district of Bombay, then came back to England were she had 3 children:

  1. Sharon Harris


Next Generation

Sharon HARRIS married ?? TAYLOR


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