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?? HADFIELD married Elizabeth ? (b 1847, d 19 Jul 1934, Royapetah)



Michael HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Julia Hadfield (b 1887)

  2. Thomas Hadfield (b 1889)

Next Generation

Julia HADFIELD (b 1887) at 18yrs on 19 Jul 1905 in Madras, married 23yr Daniel Archibald WESTON (b 1882, son of G R Weston)


Thomas HADFIELD (b 1889) at 25yrs on 15 Sep 1914 in Madras, married 18yr Genieve HENRICOS (b 1896, daughter of Jeremiah Henricos)



?? HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Hadfield

Next Generation

Thomas HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. William Hadfield (b 1833)

Next Generation

William HADFIELD, (b 1833) married Julia ? (b 1840, d 8 Jan 1862 St Thomas Mount, age 22), children:

  1. Juliana Elizabeth Hadfield (b 1858)

William HADFIELD, (b 1833, d abt 1870) widower, at 30yrs after his 1st wife Julia died, on 24 Jun 1863 in Pallavaram married 16yr Mary Anne SHUHEY (b 1847, daughter of Patrick Shuhey), children:

  1. Mary Anne Hadfield (b 1869)

(NB: Mary Anne Hadfield nee SHUEY, widow at 23yrs, on 8 Feb 1871 in Pallavaram married 54yr widower James POWER (b 1817 son of Michael Power)

Next Generation

Juliana Elizabeth Hadfield (b 1858) at 18yrs on 31 Jul 1876 in Madras, married 22yr Eddy Edwin WRIGHT (b 1854, son of William Wright)


Mary Anne Hadfield (b 1869) at 17yrs in Veprey on 3 Feb 1886 married 21yr Edward Patrick BURKE (b 1865, son of Thomas Burke)



?? HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Hadfield (b 1867, d 30 Jun 1869, Pallavaram, age 2)


?? HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. ? Hadfield (b ?, d 17 Oct 1924 Madras)



?? HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Noel Hadfield.

Next Generation

Noel HADFIELD married Geraldine SNELL, children:

  1. ? Hadfield.

Next Generation

?? HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Jeoffrey Hadfield

Next Generation

Jeoffrey HADFIELD (Perambur) at St. Lourdes Shrine, Perambur, Madras., married Cheryl Ann MOORE (St Thomas Mount)


info from Gloria Tuckergj1@aol.com

??HADFIELD married ??, children:

  1. Yvonne Hadfield.

Next Generation

Yvonne HADFIELD married James WALLACE

Geraldine and Yvonne's cousin Phyllis would like to know their whereabouts.


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