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info from Carolyn David cdavid@edc.ca . I'm trying to trace relatives on the Godfrey and Hitchcock sides of the family as far back as I can. If anyone would like to contact me, they may do so at the coordinates below. Thank you very much, Carolyn David


Looking for SAMUEL AUGUSTUS GODFREY , Gary Hayes  v55rayo@cogeco.ca

Samuel GODFREY on 1 Nov 1808 in Fort St George married Mary ADAMSON, (b 1790, c 30 Oct 1790, d 25 Jun 1830 Madras, daughter of Thomas and Ann Adamson) children:

  1. William Addison Godfrey (b 19 Nov 1809 Moradabad, d 14 May 1879 Cuddalore)

  2. Samuel Augustus Godfrey (b 15 Oct 1811 Fort St George)

  3. Ernest Augustus Godfrey (b 1827)

Next Generation

William Addison GODFREY Catechist (b 19 Nov 1809 Moradabad) on 24 Jun 1833 in Vepery married Maria DEWSNAP. Children:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Godfrey (b 12 May 1834 Tanjore)

  2. Samuel Wardley Godfrey (b 1837)

  3. Mary Augusta Susannah Godfrey (b 26 Feb 1841 Vepery)

  4. George Dewsnap Godfrey (b 19 Nov 1842 Vepery)

William Addison GODFREY (b 19 Nov 1809 Moradabad) widowed at 38yrs on 6 Dec 1847 in Tranquebar married 38yr Magdalene Elizabeth RHNDE (b 1809 daughter of Anton Vihelm Rhnde), Children:

  1. Valentino Addison Godfrey (b 4 Sep 1849 Tanjore)

  2. Robert John Samuel Godfrey (b 1853)

  3. Elizabeth Minarva Godfrey (b 30 Dec 1854 Sitabaldi)

Samuel Augustus GODFREY (b 15 Oct 1811 Fort St George) at 25yrs on 5 May 1836 in Trichinopoly married Elizabeth FOX, children:

  1. Samuel Augustus Godfrey (b 1840, d 3 Jul 1913 Bangalore)

  2. Albert Reuben Augustus Godfrey (b 11 Mar 1843 Vellore)

  3. Jessie Augusta Godfrey (b 9 Apr 1846 Madras)

  4. Albert William Mill Godfrey (b 9 Apr 1846 Madras)

  5. Flora Sarah Eliza Godfrey (b 19 Jul 1847 Kombakonam)

  6. Arthur Reginald Godfrey (b 25 Aug 1848 Madras)

  7. Henry Edmund Godfrey (b 25 Aug 1848 Madras)

  8. Charlotte Augusta Godfrey (b 1854)

  9. Sara Eudocia Godfrey (b 23 Aug 1857 Bangalore)

Ernest Augustus GODFREY (b 1827) at 22yrs on 6 dec 1849 in Madras married 19yr Georgina Catherine GRAHAM (b 1830, d 20 Jul 1860 Palamcottah, daughter of Robert Graham), children:

  1. Alicia Charlotte Godfrey (b 8 Sep 1850 Palamcottah)

  2. Gordon Addison Godfrey (b 5 Mar 1852 Palamcottah)

  3. Samuel Lovett Godfrey (b 27 Jan 1854 Madras)

  4. Mary Sophia Godfrey (b 18 Feb 1856 Palamcottah)

  5. William Robert Godfrey (b 24 Sep 1858 Palamcottah)

  6. Frank Ernest Godfrey (b 1866) at 24yrs on 10 Feb 1890 in Pegu married 18yr Nellie Allias ? (b 1872 daughter of Koh Sciti)

Next Generation

Samuel Wardley GODFREY (b 1837) at 30yrs on 31 Jul 1867 in Trichinopoly married 27yr widow Ann Clementina MANSFIELD nee D'Santos (b 1840 daughter of Cosmo D'Santos), children:

  1. Ruth Mary Godfrey (b 15 Apr 1871)

George Dewsnap GODFREY (b 19 Nov 1842 Vepery) widowed at 34yrs on 16 Nov 1877 in Trichinppoly married 34yr Jane Henriett ROZE (b 1843 daughter of John Roze)


Valentino Addison GODFREY (b 4 Sep 1849 Tanjore) at 28yrs on 3 Jan 1877 in Tanjore married 27yr Margaret Addison KOHLHOFF (b 1850 daughter of John Elias Kohlhoff)


Robert John Samuel GODFREY (b 1853) at 27yrs on 30 Jun 1880 in Madras married 18yr Jane Amelia LAUGHLIN (b 1862 daughter of William Alexander Laughlin)


Samuel Augustus GODFREY (b 1840, d 3 Jul 1913 Bangalore) at 23yrs on 6 Jul 1863 in Bangalore married 22yr Selina Anne HAYES (b 9 Aug 1839 Bangalore), children:

  1. Dera Selina Godfrey (b 5 Apr 1864, c 16 Jun 1864 Bangalore)

  2. Farnham Reginald Augustus Godfrey (b 9 Mar 1866 Bangalore)

Samuel Augustus GODFREY (b 1840, d 3 Jul 1913 Bangalore) widowed, on 12 Apr 1866 in Bangalore married Jane Wilhelmina BARNES (daughter of William Barnes), children:

  1. St Alban Cuthbert Wordsworth Godfrey (c 31 Jul 1867 Bangalore)

  2. Edgar Doddridge Godfrey (d 31 Dec 1867 Bangalore)

  3. Sedgewick Melbourne Southwell Godfrey (b 22 Dec 1868 Bangalore)

  4. Alfred William MaCauley Godfrey (c 13 Aug 1870 Mysore)

  5. Augusta Estella Syllana Godfrey (b 22 Nov 1870 Madura)

  6. Hilda Eleanor Godfrey (b 1 Mar 1872 Bangalore)

Samuel Augustus GODFREY (b 1840, d 3 Jul 1913 Bangalore) widowed, on 27 Jan 1873 in Bangalore married widow Rachel Jane HILLIER nee HAYES (b1838), children:

  1. Amy Elizabeth Godfrey (b 25 Sep 1873 Bangalore)

  2. Samuel Archibald Mellor Godfrey (b 15 Nov 1876 Turnkuk, Madras)

  3. Agnew James Hayes Godfrey (b 6 Jan 1878 Tumkur, Madras)

  4. Mabel Irene Godfrey (b 1880)

  5. Harry James Hayes Godfrey (b 1881)


Mary Elizabeth GODFREY (b 12 May 1834 Tanjore) at 24yrs on 4 Apr 1861 in Trichinopoly married 32yr widowed John KAY (b 1829 son of John Kay)


Charlotte Augusta GODFREY, (b 1854, d 7 Feb 1920 Bangalore, age 66) married Mark Cubbon HAYES (b 28 Jun 1849 Bangalore, d 9 Nov 1881 Tuticorin) children:

  1. Lillian Maria Elizabeth Hayes (b 29 Jul 1879 Madura)

  2. May Constance Hayes (b 30 May 1881 Bangalore)

Sara Eudocia GODFREY (b 23 Aug 1857 Bangalore) at 20yrs on 5 Dec 1877 in Bangalore married 29yr George Edward BOYNE (b 1848 son of Francis Boyne)


Alicia Charlotte GODFREY (b 8 Sep 1850 Palamcottah) at 16yrs on 27 Aug 1866 in Trivandrum married 23yr Edwin Francis GRESSEUX (b 1843 son of Franklin Gresseux)


Gordon Addison GODFREY (b 5 Mar 1852 Palamcottah) at 26yrs on 10 Jul 1878 in Madras married 21yr Sophia Jessie Penelope ALLAN (b 1857 daughter of William Allan)


Next Generation

Hilda Eleanor GODFREY (b 1 Mar 1872 Bangalore) at 23yrs on 30 Jun 1897 in Bangalore married 24yr  William George Stephen WOLFINDEN (b 1873 son of Thomas William Wolfinden)


Hilda Eleanor WOLFINDEN nee GODFREY (b 1 Mar 1872 Bangalore) widow, at 37yrs on 26 Dec 1917 in Bangalore married 30yr William Albert ROWLAND (b 1887 son of George William Rowland)


Harry James Hayes GODFREY (b 1881) at 29yrs on 21 Dec 1910 in Bangalore married 18yr Elizabeth BROWNE (b 1892 daughter of Martin Browne)< Children:

  1. Olive Selena Godfrey (b. August 20, 1911, d Nov. 28, 2003)

  2. Clifford Godfrey b. 1915

  3. Lancy Godfrey b. 1918 (now deceased)

  4. Desmond Godfrey b.1924 (moved to the U.K.)

  5. Irene Godfrey b.1913 (moved to the U.K.)

Mabel Irene GODFREY (b 1880) at 22yrs on 1 Aug 1902 in Bangalore married 24yr Charles William Russell LEONARD (b 1878 son of Charles Michael Leonard)


Next Generation

Olive Selena GODFREY (b. August 20, 1911, d Nov. 28, 2003) married Fred HITCHCOCK, b. May 21, 1908, d Sep. 7, 1971). Their children:

  1. Pamela Philomena Hitchcock b. 1934

Clifford GODFREY b. 1915 married Nora HITCHCOCK (now deceased). No children.


Lancy GODFREY b. 1918 (now deceased) married Margaret Esherwood (now deceased): Their children:

  1. Jennifer,

  2. Patricia,

  3. Gillian,

  4. Wendy

Desmond GODFREY b.1924 (moved to the U.K.) married Colleen SNELL. Their children:

  1. Christine,

  2. Cheryl,

  3. Debbie

Irene GODFREY b.1913 (moved to the U.K.) married Gerry PIERS. Their children:

  1. Milton,

  2. Lorraine,

  3. Valerie


info from Reginald Shires RegShires@aol.com

Charles GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Charlotte Godfrey (b 1833)

Next Generation
Charlotte GODFREY (b 1833), age 15, on October 17, 1848, at Bellary Trinity Church, South India, married 19yr Henry SHIRES, (b 1829, d 10 Nov 1854 Secunderabad age 26yrs 3 mnths, son of Joseph Shires) a fifer in the 6th Regiment, an army unit of the English East India Company,  .  They have two children:

  1. Charles Henry Shires, (b June 6, 1852 at Secunderabad, India)

  2. Priscilla Shires, b April 5, 1854 at Secunderabad.  

Charlotte SHIRES nee GODFREY (b 1833) widowed, at 22yrs on 28 Aug 1855 in Bangalore married 46yr widower, Farrier 1st Light Cavalry Thomas WHEATLEY (b 1809 son of Leonard Wheatley)



Andrew GODFREY married Alice Vergin, and their children are:

  1. Charles Godfrey

  2. William Henry Godfrey (born in 3/12/1909 attended Dr Grahams Homes)

  3. Albert Godfrey

  4. Richard Godfrey

  5. Eva Godfrey

Next Generation

William Henry GODFREY (born in 3/12/1909 attended Dr Grahams Homes) at 27yrs on 26 May 1937 in Calcutta while working in the Calcutta police, married 16yr Cynthia Amelia Florence GODFREY (b 1921 daughter of Edwin Stanley Godfrey)  and had children by the names of :

  1. Sylvia Virginia Godfrey (b 23 Sep 1937, c 10 Oct 1937 Calcutta)

  2. Donald William Edwin Godfrey (b 11 Apr 1939 Calcutta, who has returned to England safely)

Next Generation

Sylvia Virginia GODFREY married Cecil John MATHEWS. children:

  1. Elizabeth Ann Mathews married max millan yule, 3 children: Diana elizaebeth, william henry and natalie christina



Edwin Arthur GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Ernest Stanley Godfrey

Next Generation

Ernest Stanley GODFREY Sgt Railway Police of Park Town  (b 1867) at 25yrs on 21 Sep 1892 in Vepery married 18yr Catherine Florence HELDT, of Vepery (b 1874, daughter of Alexander Heldt) children:

  1. Ernest Nelson Horace Godfrey (b 1907)

Next Generation

Ernest Nelson Horace GODFREY (b 1907) at 23yrs on 17 Feb 1930 in Kharagpur married 16yr Beryl Beatrice DAWSON (b 1914 daughter of Williamson Dawson), children:

  1. Rodney Lionel Godfrey (b 28 Nov 1932, c 4 Dec 1932 Calcutta)

  2. Irene Godfrey (b 1938)

Next Generation

Irene GODFREY (b 1938) married ?, children:

  1. Patricia


Walter GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Edwin Clifford Godfrey (b 1923)

Next Generation

Edwin Clifford GODFREY (b 1923) at 23yrs on 11 Jan 1946 in Madras married 28yr Mavis Nancy Melburne ROSS, (b 1918 daughter of Clarence Ross) children:

  1. Althea Jean Sheila Godfrey (b 20 Oct 1946, c Nov 1946 Pallavaram)


info from Yvette Wall yvette.wall@gmail.com  

?? GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Vivienne Godfrey

Next Generation

Vivienne GODFREY married Clarence CARTON, children:

  1. Yvonne Claudine Carton

  2. Jeoffry Cranston Carton (b 24/7/1934 Lucknow, studied at St Josephs School, Naini Tal, d 27/5/2004 Perth)

  3. Keith Carton

Family migrated to Australia in 1948



info from Kath Balaporia yez@blueyonder.co.uk

I am the great grand-daughter of the late Doris Sylvia Tapsell who at the age of 20 married an Edwin Stanley Godfrey in Chakradharpur, India. Doris was the daughter of Tom Tapsell and Carron Hunter. They had 5 children - Harry, Kenneth, Veda, Marjorie and Doris [my great grand mother]. Harry Tapsell married and had children one of whom is Brian who is believed to be living in Perth, Australia. Veda married a Vernon Scott and had one son, Mervyn Scott. Marjorie married Walter and had 6 children - Daphne who married Ronald Rodgers and lived in Calcutta, India; Iona who married a Denzil James and is settle in Perth; Derek Clifford who is also settled in Perth, Australia. If you are or know any of the above mentioned people I would love you to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.  God bless! Kath Balaporia


?? GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Edwin Stanley GODFREY

Next Generation

Edwin Stanley GODFREYin Chakradharpur, India,  married 20yr Doris Sylvia TAPSELL, (b daughter of Tom and Carron Tapsell)  , children:

  1. Cynthia Amelia Florence Godfrey (b 1921)

  2. Gwendoline Thelma Godfrey (b 3 Jan 1928 Chakradharpur)


?? GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Mayford GODFREY

Next Generation

Mayford GODFREY married Rosemarie TRINDER



info submitted by Eric Aitkins eaitkins@bigpond.net.au

?? GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Jennifer GODFREY

Next Generation

Jennifer GODFREY married Eric AITKINS , children:

  1.  Gavin Aitkins (b 1984)

  2.  Sarah-Jane Aitkins (b 1988)

  3.  Brendan Joseph Aitkins (b 1989)


Info submitted by Alister Fuller alisterfuller@optushome.com.au

?? GODFREY married ??, children:

  1. Marshall GODFREY

Next Generation

Marshall GODFREY married Rebecca DUBIER , children:

  1. Brandon Godfrey

  2. Gary Godfrey

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