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info from Clifford Hyde-Gomes

Looking for the Hyde-Gomes Family: Eddy (Edwin) Hyde-Gomes, Bertie Hyde-Gomes, Sammy (Sam) Hyde-Gomes (Changed to Hyde) Anthony (Anto) Hyde-Gomes, Tommy Hyde Gomes, All from Calcutta India

?? GLOVER married ??, children:

  1. Mary GLOVER

Next Generation

Mary GLOVER married Edwin Charlie (Eddy) HYDE-GOMES in Calcutta 19??, Children:

  1. Gerry (Buddha) Hyde-Gomes

  2. Godfrey (Punno) Hyde-Gomes

  3. Maureen Hyde-Gomes

  4. Althea Hyde-Gomes

  5. Mello Hyde-Gomes

  6. Brenda Hyde-Gomes

  7. Marina Hyde-Gomes

  8. Clifford (Chum Chum) Hyde-Gomes


Can anyone help I am looking for information on my grandparents. Abel William Glover & Mable Myrtle Mitilda.Granpa was a railway train driver.   My mum was Thelma , she had sisters Mona, Diana, Norma, Budy & Rainer all born in India. Mum married  Leslie James Rowles. The Rowles family emigrated to Melbourne in 1949. Mum will be 89 years old this year. Dad died 53 yrs ago. I have a brother Clifford & my other brother Errol died in 1959 in Melbourne. I now live in Edinburgh Scotland, and would love to hear from anyone who might have known my grandparents or Mum & Dad. my e-mail is cilla_o@hotmail. Ron O'Hanlon

info from

?? GLOVER married ??, children:

  1. Edgar William GLOVER (b 1886)

Next Generation

Edgar William GLOVER (b 1886. I believe Edgar's father, William,  was a Locomotive Engineer with the North Western Railways.)  married Mabel Matilda MIDDLECOAT (b 1888). .  children born in India:

  1. Thelma Glover (b ? India)

  2. Mona Glover

  3. Diana Glover

  4. Norma Glover

  5. Buddy Glover

  6. Rainer Glover

Next Generation

Thelma GLOVER married Leslie James ROWLES. The Rowles family emigrated to Melbourne in 1949, children:

  1. Cilla Rowles

  2. Clifford Rowles

  3. Errol Rowles  (died in 1959 in Melbourne)

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