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? FRIDELL married ??, children:

  1. James Peter Fridell

 Next Generation:

James Peter FRIDELL  married Esther Mary ?, children:

  1. Conrad Godfrey Fridell (b 24 Aug 1799, c 23 Jan 1807 Vizagapatam, d 8 Feb 1808 Madras)

  2. Leonard Fridell (b 24 Aug 1799, c 23 Jan 1807 Vizagapatam


James Daniel FRIDELL married Helen ??, children:

  1. Jane Amillah Fridell (b 1827, d 13 Jun 1840 Arcot)

  2. James Peter Fridell (b 1832, d 9 May 1859 Madras)

 Next Generation:

James Peter FRIDELL (b 1832, d 9 May 1859 Madras) at 23yrs on 6 Jun 1855 in Vepery married 16yr Joanna BUTLER (b 1839 daughter of Tobias Butler), children:

  1. James Daniel Fridell (b 1857)

Next Generation

James Daniel FRIDELL (b 1857) married Mary ? , Children:

  1. Grace Mildred Bennett Fridell (b 6 Apr 1886, c 4 May 1886 Cocanada)

James Daniel FRIDELL (b 1857) widowed, at 30yrs on 1 Jun 1887 in Cocanada married 25yr Helen Henrietta JOYCE (b 11 Jan 1861, d 11 Nov 1892 Madras,  daughter of James Joyce), children:

  1. Dennis Fridell (b 24 Feb 1888, c 29 Aug 1888 Cocanada)



Info to be supplied by Ann Cooper (nee Fridell)


? FRIDELL married ??, children:

  1. James Dennis Fridell

 Next Generation:

James Dennis FRIDELL married Doreen Marie PINTO from Calcutta, Children:

  1. Boniface Anthony Fridell (b 14 May 1915, c 24 May 1915 Coimbatore)

  2. Mary Helen Bridget (Nell) Fridell (b 1 Feb 1917, c 3 Mar 1917 Bankiapore)

  3. James (Jim) Blaise Eliot FRIDELL (b 3 Feb 1920 Calcutta, d 11 June 2005 Australia)

 Next Generation:

James (Jim) Blaise Eliot FRIDELL in 1945 Calcutta, married Monica Alice TODD (b 3 Feb 1921, c 14 Feb 1921 St Thomas Mount, daughter of Norman Charles Todd and Constance Eleanor Todd (nee STRACEY) .  James joined the Army during World War II as a supply officer. After the war he joined the Artillery as a gunner and served proudly in the Indian Army for 26 years. In 1956, as a Lt. Colonel, he raised the 39 Medium Regiment at Clement Town, Dehradun from the Sikh Coys of 1/13 Frontier Force Rifles, the veterans of the Second World War. Since then the regiment has served all over India from Sikkim in the east to the deserts of Rajasthan in the west and in Jummu and Kashmir in the north. As a Brigadier, James Fridell saw active action in Rajouri in 1964 against Pakistan . Brig. Fridell retired in 1966 and emigrated with his family to Australia. Children:

  1. Colette FRIDELL

  2. Ann FRIDELL

  3. Doreen FRIDELL

  4. Linda FRIDELL

  5. Robin James Raymond FRIDELL


Next Generation:

Colette FRIDELL married William CURYERTheir children are

  1. Kevin Curyer

  2. Carolyn Curyer.

Ann FRIDELL married Clive COOPER


Doreen FRIDELL married John FORD and had two children -

  1. Shane Ford

  2. Danielle Ford.

Linda FRIDELL married Glen MILLARTheir three sons are

  1. Adam Millar

  2. Brett Millar

  3. Luke Millar

Linda MILLAR nee FRIDELL, divorced and later re-married to Michael SCRASE. Michael has two children from a previous marriage:

  1. David Scrase

  2. Colleen Scrase

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Robin FRIDELL married Diane ?? on the 24th August 1983.  Robin and Diane moved to Newcastle in 1990 and divorced in 1996. They had two children:

  1. Kara Lee Fridell born 12 November 1988

  2. Chad Mitchell Fridell born 23 August 1991.

Robin FRIDELL re married in 2001 to Rosanna SCIULLI and are currently living in Newcastle with her two children (Claudia and Danilo) from a former marriage.  Rosanna's first husband died of a heart attack in 1997. (info from )


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