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info from Lesley allcorn

I am searching for information on my fathers family. Alexander A I FRENCH married Aspacia M POGOSE in India, they were second generation born in India. Alexander was the youngest of a large family, he accompanied Young husban on one of his expeditions into the Himalayas. The Pogose family did not fare well in the india mutiny. My father was the youngest of 4 children and he was born in Rajbari in 1915.Any help would be much appreciated.


?? FRENCH married ??, children:

  1. ?

  2. Alexander A I French.(youngest of a large family)

Next Generation
Alexander A I FRENCH married Aspacia M POGOSE




info from Neville Thomas

Charles FRENCH (b.1760) married Elizabeth JACKSON (b.1764) Children:

1. Charles Augustus FRENCH (b. 1792 Trichinopoly)
2. Carolina FRENCH (b. 1794 Trichinopoly)
3. Edward FRENCH (b. 1796 Madras)
4. Sophia Ann FRENCH (b. 1798 Fort St.George)
5, Mary FRENCH (b. 1799)
6. George FRENCH (b. 1799 Fort St.George)
7. Thomas FRENCH (b.1802 or 1808)
8. Henry Arthur FRENCH (b. 1812 Trichinopoly)

Next Generation

Thomas FRENCH (b. 1802 or 1808) married in 1825 Margaret TOWICK,  Child:

1. Thomas Ross FRENCH (b. 1826 Masulipatam)

Thomas FRENCH (b. 1802 or 1808) married (2nd marriage) in 1829 to Arabella ?, Children:

1. Julie
2. Thomas Richardson
3. Indiana French (b. 1832 Bangalore)
4. Edwin
5. Emily
6. Frederick Augustus
7. Elizabeth
8. Georgiana
9. John Richardson
10. Isabella
11. John
12. Charles Augustus
13. Herbert

Next Generation

Indiana FRENCH (b.1832 Bangalore) on 11/12/1850 in Blacktown, Madras married John William MAIDEN (b1819, Belize, British Honduras, d1874, Cochin), children :

  1. Eva MAIDEN, 

  2. John William MAIDEN, Jnr (b1853, d1937, Bundur, Masulipatam)

  3. Mary Caroline MAIDEN (b1858, Masulipatam)

  4. Elisabeth MAIDEN (b1867, Masulipatam)


info from linda trundley

?? FRENCH married ??, children:

  1. William French also known as clarke- french possibly from wales worked on the railway


?? FRENCH married ??, children:

  1. Noel French

Next Generation

Noel FRENCH.(b ? d1995 at Wales.) married on 7 Aug.1941 to Beryl LOPEZ (b1923 at Karachi).  Emigrated to the UK in Aug. 1961 9 children

  1. Barbara French (b1943 at Trichy)

  2. Percival French (b1944, died of diphtheria 17 Aug. 1948, aged 4 years)

  3. Marlene French ( b1946, died of diphtheria 24 Aug. 1948, aged 2 years)

  4. Joan French (b1949)

  5. Petula "Cookie" French (b 1951 at Trichy)

  6. Patrick French (b1953 at Trichy)

  7. Leon French (b1956 at Trichy)

  8. Trevor French (b1958)

  9. Karen French (b 1963)

Next Generation 

Barbara FRENCH (b1943 at Trichy) married in the UK on 5 Aug.1964 to Malcolm DESMIER (4 children),

  1. Neil Desmier married ??, son Cameron Desmier (b 2000)

  2. Kevin Desmier,

  3. Corinne Desmier,

  4. Anita Desmier

Joan French (b1949) married in the UK on 26 July 1971 to John Wigmore (2 children):

  1. Deborah Wigmore, married 08 april 1994  to Dennis Malcom Murray, 3 children:(1)Lauren Ellis Murray b 1993, (2) Jessica Lee Murray  b1995, (3) Georgia May Murray b 2001.

  2. Darren Wigmore

  3. married 14 june 1997 to kathrine ann bartley, 2 children, (1) brandan michael wigmore b 2000, (2) Kieran louis wigmore    b2002

            (info from  Darren Wigmore )

Joan French (daughter of Noel and Beryl Divorced, re-married) to John Gough on 2009-03-16 also in Jamaica.


Petula "Cookie" French (b 1951 at Trichy) married in the UK to Derrick Freeman (2 children),

  1. Zoe Freeman,

  2. Nicholas Freeman

Patrick FRENCH (b1953 at Trichy) married in UK to Jacqueline HEWITT (b1953 at Trichy), Children;

  1. Nathan David French (b1983 uk) also known as Nathan Park French

  2. Kristian Patrick French (b1981 uk)

Leon FRENCH (b1956 at Trichy) married in UK to Tom JORDAN, 2 children)

  1. Philip Jordan,

  2. Michael Jordan

Trevor French (b1958) married in Germany to Birgit Buckering, (1 child),

  1. Pamela French

Karen FRENCH (b 1963) married in the UK to Jason Turner, (twin children),

  1. Joshua Turner,

  2. Kelcea Turner

Karen, divorced from Jason Turner, 2nd marriage to Guy Hewett on 2009-03-16 in Jamaica.


Next Generation


info from Nicola Banerji 

?? FRENCH married ??, children:

  1. Ernest Clifford French

Next Generation

Ernest Clifford FRENCH married Catherine Margaret Mariam D'CRUZ on 25th December 1949, 4 children who went to Dr.Graham"s Homes Kalimpong 

  1. Millicent FRENCH 

  2. Hilary FRENCH 

  3. Lorraine FRENCH 

  4. Russel FRENCH 

Next Generation 

Millicent FRENCH (lives in Kuwait) married Peter BANERJI on 2nd February 1974 and have two children 

  1. Nicholas (5.4.1975) 

  2. Nicola (30.5.1978) 

Hilary FRENCH (lives in the UK) married Vinoth KUMAR on 26th December 1976 and have one child 

  1. Natasha (6.12.1982) 

Lorraine FRENCH (lives in the UK) married Graham SKINNER on 14th November 1996 

Russel FRENCH (lives in Toronto,Canada) married Paola ALVARES on 10th January 1987 and have two children 

  1. Kenneth French (b1987) 

  2. Kevin French (b1990)


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