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Fonseca Name Meaning: Spanish and Portuguese: habitational name from any of several places named for a spring that dried up during the summer months, from fonte seca ‘dry well’.

St Thomas the Apostle is said to have arrived in India in 54 A.D. Later, with the advent of the Portuguese, the French and the British in India, there was further Christian influence. In India, Christians are basically converts, although there are descendants of European settlers and Anglo-Indians. In Goa, which had long been a Portugese domain, Christians form the majority of the population there.


Various spellings were used in records relating to this family in Australia : Finsaker; Fensaker; Finsacres; Fonseed; Fouseca; and Fransica.



?? FONSECA married ??, children:

  1. Peter Fonseca (b 1866, d 19 Aug 1908 Calcutta, cemetry Soorah, age 42)

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?? FONSECA married ??, children:

  1. Peter Charles Fonseca (b 1875, d 20 Nov 1901 Chittagong, cemetry RC Church of Baudel & Jamalkla), Occupation: Painter

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info from Sophia 

George FONSECA married Clementine ??, children:

  1. Joseph Reuben Fonseca (b 10 Jun 1885 Vepery)

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Joseph Reuben FONSECA (b 10 Jun 1885 Vepery) married Arokeia Marie ??, they had 3 daughters:

  1.  Joseph Peter Fonseca (b 30 May 1919 Madras, d 22 May 1921 Madras)

  2.  ? Fonseca

  3.  ? Fonseca

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? FONSECA married ?, children:



info from Vanita Lawton

?? FONSECA married ??, children:

  1. Jennifer Fonseca

  2. Linda Fonseca

Next Generation

Jennifer FONSECA married Rabindra PARMESHWAR on the 12/2/1972.  They had three girls:

  1. Rekha (b1973, Perth, Australia) who married Glenn Martin and they had twin girls Hunter and Jazmin (b2000, Perth Australia).

  2. Sharmila (b1976,Perth,Australia) who married Scott Clissold and they had a boy named Tarrant (b2003,Perth,Australia) and is due another one at the end of Feb 2006.

  3. Vanita (b1978, Perth, Australia) who married Greg Lawton and they have three children Blake (b2001, Perth, Australia), Riley (b2004, Perth, Australia) and Tayla (b2006, Perth, Australia).

Linda FONSECA married Keith BENJAMIN.  They have three children -

  1. Scott Benjamin (twin) (b1977, Perth, Australia)

  2. Brett Benjamin (twin) (b1977, Perth, Australia)

  3. Lisa Benjamin (b1982,Perth,Australia)



I am wondering if you have ever come across, during your research, a Moses Fonseca born c.1799.   Apart from the fact that he was a chimneysweep, I know nothing of him prior to his conviction for theft at the Old Bailey in 1819. On the 9 November 1819 he stole a silk handkerchief from Robert Easto, in King Street, Cheapside, London.  He was tried at the 1819 December sessions of the Old Bailey, was found guilty, and transported for life to Australia. Moses Fonseca sailed from Falmouth, Cornwall, aboard Mangles (1) on 11 April 1820, arriving in Sydney on 7 August 1820. In due course, Moses FONSECA married Esther AIKEN, and it was their daughter, Matilda FONSECA b.1843, who was to become my 2nd great grandmother. Kindest regards, Rhonda Turnbull, Cootamundra NSW


? FONSECA married ?, children:

  1. Moses Fonseca (b 1799, ? UK)

Next Generation

Moses FONSECA (b 1799, ? UK) married Esther AIKEN : children:

  1. Jane Fonseca (b 8 Jan 1839 NSW)

  2. Moses Fonseca (b 8 Jan 1841 Sydney)

  3. Matilda Fonseca (c 23 Apr 1843 NSW)

  4. Maria Fonseca (b 5 Oct 1844 NSW)

  5. Elizabeth Fonseca (b 14 Aug 1846 Castle Hill, NSW)


?? FONSECA married ??, children:

  1. Dominic Bernard Fonseca

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Dominic Bernard FONSECA ( b1846) Tivim, Goa married Maria Frediana LOBO (b1857) Vesla Paria Goa. They had 12 kids and he was, as far as I can work out a Doctor in the army. I'm still trying to find dates for the 12!

  1. Margaret Fonseca, Nagpur, nun, "little sisters of the poor"

  2. Francis/Bernard   died young

  3. Aloyisius Fonseca b.1877, Karnataka?

  4. Ignatius Fonseca

  5. Isabel Fonseca nun Nagpur

  6. Letetia Fonseca m ?

  7. Pius Fonseca

  8. Faber Joseph Fonseca Doctor? traveled in Middle East 

  9. Mary Teresa Fonseca  

  10. Lucy Fonseca b.1885

  11. Luisa Placida Fonseca (b 5 Oct 1887)

  12. Rosie Fonseca

  13. Calista Fonseca, nun, left convent, married Lawrence deSousa

  14. Taber Custodis Joseph Fonseca (b 6 Dec 1893)

Next Generation

Aloyisius FONSECA married Elise ? in 1904, 11 children :

  1. Bernard Fonseca b 20/2/1910

  2. May Fonseca   b 19/5/1911

  3. Angela Fonseca  died at 9 years

  4. Ruby Fonseca    b 2 /4/1914

  5. Dorothy Fonseca b 31/1/1916

  6. Nita Fonseca   b 25/8/1918 m. Hari Jairath

  7. Theo Fonseca  b 14/9/1919

  8. Henry Fonseca    b 31/6/20  d.1951

  9. ? died in childhood

  10. ? died in childhood

  11. ? died in childhood

Ignatius FONSECA married Lily BRITTO, children:

  1. Barbara Fonseca

  2. John Joseph Fonseca (was a Major in the Indian Army)

  3. Dominic Fonseca

  4. Albert Fonseca

  5. Teresa Fonseca

Pius Fonseca married Alice SEQUEIRA


Faber Joseph FONSECA (b 1893) Doctor? traveled in Middle East, at age 34 on 21 Nov 1927 in Gauhati, Bengal, married 51yr Alice Marjorie PORTER (b 1876)


Mary Fonseca  married Henry GOODWIN


Lucy Fonseca (b.1885) married Michael Vincent BRAGANZA from Goa


Rosie Fonseca married Louis ?


Calista Fonseca, nun, left convent, married Lawrence deSOUSA


Next Generation

Bernard FONSECA married Dolly SARGON


May FONSECA married Robert D'SA


Ruby FONSECA married Gerard DIAZ


Theo FONSECA married Jo SELWYN


John Joseph FONSECA married Paddy D'SILVA of Ranchi (Father owned a tea estate), children:

  1. Diana Fonseca

  2. Jennifer Fonseca

  3. Linda Fonseca

John Joseph FONSECA married, 2nd marriage, Blossom AUGUR, living in Perth, children:

  1. Keith John Fonseca,

  2. Sandra Bernadette Fonseca

Teresa FONSECA married Arnold D'CRUZ


Next Generation

Diana FONSECA married Fozdar from Trichur, India


Jennifer FONSECA married Parneshwar from Fiji


Linda FONSECA married Keith BENJAMIN from Burma


Sandra Bernadette FONSECA married Glen Michael HEAD from Perth


Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. I've had little luck trying to contact Goan searchers or searches. Thanks, Marianne Braganza



?? FONSECA married ??, children:

  1. Thereza Fonseca

Next Generation

Thereza FONSECA and Manano ??, Tailor : daughter

  1. Gordiano (b1839, baptised 19/9/1838 by Rev M L Rebeiro, Covelong Chapel) LDS Film 530008, Vol 1 (P.312).


info from Mel McNaught, Any help or info greatly appreciated Thanks.


?? FONSECA married ??, children:

  1. John Fonseca

Next Generation

John FONSECA married  E.A ?, (b Aug 1840), children :

  1. Elizabeth Anna Fonseca (died 25/4/1880)

Next Generation

Elizabeth Anna FONSECA (died 25/4/1880) married Alfred Brace CRUSE in Madras 1864, they had 2 children:

  1. Annie Florence CRUSE 

  2. Arthur Edmund CRUSE.

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