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? FABER married ??, children:

  1. Charles Edward Faber


Next Generation

Charles Edward FABER, married Georgiana BIRD (b 28 Mar 1810 Arcot, Madras) on 6 Feb 1830 at Trichy, children:

  1. Edward Bird Faber (b 17 Dec 1830 Trichy)

  2. Frank Bird Faber (b 24 Sep 1837 Madras)

  3. George Francis Faber (b 11 Aug 1839 Palamcottah, Madras, d 11 April 1859 Nagod, Madras)

  4. Frederick Dickinson Faber (b 15 Aug 1841 Surrey, England)

  5. Emily Bessy Faber (b 27 April 1847 Singapore)

  6. Edwin Octavius Fabor (b 11 Jan 1849 Singapore, d 21 Oct 1850 Mhow)



Charles Edward FABER married ??, children:

  1. Harvey Rhodes Faber (b 1837)

Next Generation

Harvey Rhodes FABER (b 1837 East Indies, d 1882 Martley, Worcestershire, England)) at 24yrs on 18 Feb 1861 in Secunderabad married 26yr Maria Georgina FOSTER (b 1835 Middlesex, d 1908 Oxfordshire, England daughter of Thomas Broadley Foster). 1871 census have Maria and Harvey residing in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. 1891 census at Cowley, Oxfordshire, England.


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