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?? DRUMMOND-HAY married ??, children:

  1. Rob Drummond-Hay

Next Generation

Rob DRUMMOND-HAY  and Allison REID - children

  1. Brendon Drummond-Hay

  2. Travis Drummond-Hay

Hi, My great Uncle, Cecil Burge, married an Ethel Irene Drummond on 17 Apr 1922 in Simla.  Ethel was born in Jhelum, Bengal, 11 April 1885 to William Adolphus Wallis Drummond and a Catherine Camilla (Her mother's family name I do not know).  It was family rumour that Ethel was Indian and when she and Cecil visited England her presence caused quite a stir in the village.  Being from a fairly ignorant English West Country background it is quite possible that the family presumed she was Indian and did not explore the possibility that Ethel's mother, Catherine Camilla, was either Indian or half Indian and her Father a British soldier or civil servant.  Cecil went on to become the Secretary at Lawrence school, Sanawar during the 1930's.  The passenger log of the "Viceroy of India" travelling from London to Bombay in 1935 shows a Cecil Burge and an Ethel Burge, so she was still alive then but died sometime between then and Cecil leaving India at the end of 1949.   I can't find a death certificate for her.  If anyone can shed some light on any of this I'd be very grateful, regards, James Grindon


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