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info from Aaron D'Costa

Brenda Antoinette DONOVAN (born 30/5/1946, Newtown, Madras, India) married Leonard Stephen D'COSTA (born 23/3/1939, Fort Ballary, Andara, India) in St. Joseph's Church in Vepry on 5/2/1967. Children:

  1. Amelia Christeen D'COSTA (born 22/2/1967, Madras, India)
  2. Scharmaine Aureen D'COSTA (born (20/8/1969, Madras, India)
  3. Aaron Jude D'COSTA (born 16/8/1971, Madras, India)
  4. Diann Salome D'COSTA (born 25/1/1976, Madras, India)


(Info supplied by Gilbert Raymond 2/12/2001)

?? DONOVAN married ??, children:

  1. Margaret Donovan (b circa 1825, d 18/12/1856)

Next Generation

Margaret DONOVAN (circa 1825), died 18/12/1856) married 20/10/1840 William RINGROSE (born 1812, died 18/12/1867), children:

  1. Elizabeth RINGROSE (born 17 March 1842, Secunderabad)
  2. Mary Ann RINGROSE (born 11 September 1846, Hurryhur)
  3. Jane RINGROSE (born 13 May 1848, Vepery, married before 1869 to Mr. MCDERMOTT)
  4. Emma RINGROSE (married before 1869 to a Mr. WILSON),  
  5. George James RINGROSE (born 1852, Vellore),  
  6. William Henry RINGROSE (born 4 December 1856, Bellary)

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