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?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Robert Charles David

Next Generation

Robert Charles DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Percival Charles David (b 1889)

Next Generation

Percival Charles DAVID (b 1889) at age 40 in Delhi on 12 April 1929 married 22 yr old Phyllis Isabelle HOWE (b 1907, daughter of Cyril St John Howe).



info from Carolyn David cdavid@edc.ca

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Maurice Alfred David

Next Generation

Maurice Alfred DAVID (b1930 - d 2004) married Pamela Philomena HITCHCOCK b. 1934,. Their children.

  1. Carolyn - b 1955 (living in Ottawa),

  2. Sabrina - b1956 (living in Ottawa ),

  3. Daryl b1959 (living in Toronto) ,

  4. Helen b 1961 (living in Ottawa),

  5. Randall - b 1962,

  6. Melanie b 1964 (living in Brisbane, Australia)

Next Generation

Helen DAVID b 1961 married Philip McHale one daughter,

  1. Miranda McHale (married Wesley Hoy)

Randall DAVID b 1962 and Laurie Purvis one daughter,

  1. Adrienne Purvis-David (married Tyler Rogers)

Melanie DAVID b 1964 married Trevor Ward one daughter,

  1. Eliza Grace Ward


info from maxine blair maxine.blair@tcdsb.org

I am trying to trace my mother's family tree with very little information and since her death it has become even more difficult.  What I know is that her father was Bernard David and that he married Isabe Murray either in 1920 or 1921.  They had only one child, my mother Irene Isabel in 1921.  Bernard was employed with the railway and stationed in Kharagpour.  He died in 1921.  My grandmother was born in Cuttack and went to St. Joseph's Convent.  Subsequent to Bernard's death, she married a wodower, G. M. Rozario and settled in Chittagong.  My mother Irene grew up with many step brothers and sisters but always felt like the outsider in the family.  My grandmother died in 1965 and my mother died in 1998.  Any help would be greatly appreciated


Bernard DAVID (employed with the railway and stationed in Kharagpour, died in 1921)  in 1920/21 married Isabel MURRAY (born in Cuttack and went to St. Joseph's Convent. Subsequent to Bernard's death, she married a widower, G. M. Rozario and settled in Chittagong. died 1965 ), children:, children:

  1. Irene Isabel David (b 1921, d 1998)

Next Generation

Irene Isabel David (b 1921, d 1998) married ??, children:

  1. Maxine


info from Muriel Daphne THOMPSON murielnathan@hotmail.com

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Hilda Daisy David

Next Generation

Hilda Daisy DAVID (born 2 December 1911, Madras) married Rupert Kelly THOMPSON (born 29 November 1901, Madras) Children:

  1. Gertrude Thompson (b 1936)

  2. Muriel Thompson (b 1937)

  3. Leonard Thompson (b 1941)

  4. Jean Thompson (b1945) living in Australia

  5. Noel Thompson (b 1949)

Next Generation

Esmond DAVID (deceased) married Hilda & Rupert's daughter Gertrude THOMPSON (b 1936)



info from sally april_sun45@yahoo.com

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Simon Alfred David

Next Generation

Simon Alfred DAVID married Amelia Annie WHEATLEY (b 24th August), they had five children:

  1. Mervyn Peter Lancelot David (b1917)

  2. Doris David (b 1918),

  3. Marjorie David (b 1923)

  4. Reuben Anthony David (b 1924)

  5. Richard  Leanard David (b 1926).

Next Generation

Mervyn Peter Lancelot DAVID (b 1917) married Hilda Mary TROUSSE (b 1925, daughter of Cyril & Kathleen (nee Lillywhite) TROUSSE) they had eight children:

  1. Vivienne Olivie Marie David b 1943

  2. Sarah (Sally) Evelyn Moureen David (b  1945)

  3. Janice Elizebeth Mildred David (b 1946)

  4. Eric Keith Anthony David (b 1948)

  5. Rosanne Stella Iris David (b 1949)

  6. May Anrea Yvette David (b  1952)

  7. Glen Noel Andrew David (b  1958

  8. Steven Owen Clive David (b  1960)

Majorie DAVID (b 1923)  married Joe HOLDEN at St Stephens Church Ooty and they have six children.

  1. Patrick Holden (b 26th April )

  2. Irene Holden  (dob 8th January)

  3. Nooreen  Holden (dob 6th Jan) 

  4. Kathleen Holden (dob 4th Sept) is not married and the head mistress of a big school at Ooty.

  5. Christopher Holden (dob 24th  dec)

  6. Susan Holden (dob 18th  Aug)  

Next Generation

Vivienne Olive Maria DAVID married Robert WHITE in Sept 1974 in Bangalore,  they have one son

  1. Robert Ricardo White (b  1975)

Sarah (Sally) Evelyn Maureen DAVID married Rupert William Maurice McDONALD (Son of Henry Norbert McDonald and Janette McDonald ( Stevens )  on 21st August 1965 at st marys church Ootacamund. they have two children:

  1. Charmayne Penelope Ann  McDonald  (b 1966) married to Rocky Swain on 18th May 1989 at Bangalore  she has one daughter Steffi Swain (b 1990)

  2. Geoffrey Colin Mark Mcdonald  (b 1968 Married Loraine Mary Vaz on 30th Nov 1990 at Bombay.. they have one daughter Amanda Kristen Mcdonald (b 1993)

Janice Elizabeth Mildred DAVID married Hamilton Arthur GOODING at st marys church Ootacamund on 15th June 1966 and they have four children

  1. Loranie Ann Michelle Gooding (b 1967)

  2. Caroline Paula Gooding (b  1968)

  3. Peter Gooding (b 1969)

  4. Paul Mario Gooding (b 1970)

 Eric Keith Anthony DAVID married Averil REBEIRO on the 20th May 1974 at Cochin, children:

  1. Michelle DAVID, 

  2. Wayne DAVID.

Rosanna Stella Iris DAVID (b 1949) married Raymond BAYER, children

  1. Renata BAYER.

May Andrea Yvette DAVID (b 1952) married Wilfred I JACKSON (b 1945 Cochin d 2012 Bangalore and buried in Melbourne, Australia), children

  1. Anthea Louise W Jackson (b1975 Bangalore),

  2. Amelia Dominique P Jackson-Sharma (b 1978 Bangalore)

  (info from amity@emirates.net.ae ; jacksoncapt@hotmail.com & antheais@gmail.com )


Steven Owen Clive DAVID (b1960) married Beverly DYER, children

  1. Shelly Anne DAVID.


info from brian.david@fedcourt,com.au

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Sydney Bertram DAVID

Next Generation

Sydney Bertram DAVID married ??. Sydney studied at St. Xaviers College, Calcutta and, like his father and grandfather before him worked on the Railways (EIR). He was stationed in Aishbargh, Lucknow, India. The children started in several schools 'along the line' but  had to move when Sydney was transferred. children:

  1. Rudolph David

  2. Brian David

  3. Allan David

  4. Raymond David


info from gail_lovery@hotmail.com

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Rita DAVID (born India)

Next Generation

Rita DAVID married George LOVERY. Family moved to Perth, Australia in 1974. children:

  1. Gail Lovery

  2. Rosalyn Lovery

  3. Darryl Lovery

info from ilikework22002@yahoo.com.au

?? DAVID married ?? FONCECA, children:

  1. Robert Edward David (studied at St Joseph's, St Mary's, Loyola '55. Aust-B.Bus, FCPA. Composed the music and
    lyrics for a song, "A Land I Once Called Home," performed by artistes around the world and on CD)

Next Generation

Robert Edward DAVID (studied at St Joseph's, St Mary's, Loyola '55. Aust-B.Bus, FCPA. Composed the music and lyrics for a song, "A Land I Once Called Home," performed by artistes around the world and on CD) at our Lady of Loudes Shrine in Perambur married Phyllis Ann FRANCKE, (daughter of James Frederick & Nancy Margaret Francke) children

  1. Carolyn Ann David

  2. Sharon Maria David

  3. Neil Edward David

  4. Susan Lee David

  5. Burke David


Vincent DAVID married ??, children : 

  1. Annie Josephine DAVID

Next Generation

Annie Josephine DAVID on 6/2/1896 married James Victor HEFFERAN . (b 6 Mar 1862 Lucknow. Bengal Marriage N/1/248/260), children : 

  1. Charles Henry Hefferan (born 7/11/1898. Bengal Birth N/1/270/96).

  2. Edward James Hefferan (b 1901) at 24yrs on 16 Dec 1925 in Allahabad married 17yr Ruby Florence EATES (b 1908 daughter of William Alexander Eates)


info from George Maxwell David gmdavid@ozemail.com.au 

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Peter Alfred David (b Madras 1860-1880)

  2. ? David

Next Generation

Peter Alfred DAVID (b Madras 860-1880) married ??, children :

  1. Francis Xavier DAVID, 

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Joseph David (was in Vizagapatnum and worked in the Port Commissioners)

  2. Agnes David married a Dr. Roy and last was in Calcutta-Howrah Gen. Hosp as Matron, had a son

  3. Ruth David married to Mr Lee and last was in Chaddapore, children: Horace, Rita, Adalene, and Coco (she was an Air Hostess
    and was killed in an Air India plane crash in the 40's. Adalene was married to a DODD and daughter may be in Perth WA

Next Generation

Francis Xavier DAVID (my Dad, b 4/4/1900 at Kurda Rd near Vizag, worked in the EB Railway, BA Railway and posted to Cal, Chitpore-Cossipore, UP Country, Santahar-Paksey-Lalmunihart-Saidpore, d 4/4/1950) married Florence ?, son :

  1. Clarence William David

(Florence died in childbirth, and Clarence settled in the UK in 1948)



  1. George Maxwell DAVID (born 26/9/1932 Calcutta, (studied at St. Joseph's College Darjeeling 1942-49, St. Thomas Kidderpore 1950-51)

  2. Florence DAVID

  3. Elaine DAVID

  4. Yvonne DAVID

  5. Peter Frank DAVID


Lionel Kenneth DAVID married Juliet ?, children :


Bruce Christopher DAVID married ?, children:


John Anthony DAVID married Pauline Maie ?, children :


Nigel Gerard DAVID married Jennifer Anna-Maria ?


Adrian Thomas DAVID married Judith May ?


Keith Ernest Michael DAVID married ?



info from mhpad@sify.com, mhpd@sify.com

Haskell DAVID married Maureen Hyacinth Poole AITKINS (born Calcutta, August 6th, 1939)they had 2 sons

  1. Jonathan Eddie Kenneth David (b 1969.)

  2. Daniel Marc David (b 1972, Bangalore, India.)

Next Generation

Jonathan Eddie Kenneth DAVID (b 1969.) married Sandra Marguerita OCAMPOS (b 1972 Buffalo, New York, USA) on March 4th, 2000.



info from Derrick David  ddav3810@bigpond.net.au

?? DAVID married ??, children:

  1. Anthony David (b 1913 Lahore, India)

Next Generation

Anthony DAVID - St Philadelisis Missouri India (b 1913, Lahore India) married Caroline Ann D'SOUZA (b 1911, Kotri, Sind, India)

  1. Derrick Conway David (b 1943, Lahore India) Living in Sydney Australia.

  2. Keith Owen David (b 1949, Karachi Pakistan) Living in Kent U.K.

Next Generation

Derrick Conway DAVID (b 1943) married Melody Evelyn DAVIS (b 1948 Quetta Pakistan), Children

  1. Michelle Ann David (b 1966)Karachi Pakistan - Sydney Australia

  2. Caroline Ann David ( b1967) Karachi Pakistan - Sydney Australia

  3. Christina Ann David (b 1968)Karachi Pakistan - Sydney Australia

  4. Melanie Ann David (b 1970)Karachi Pakistan - Sydney Australia

  5. Dianna Cornelia David (b 1973)Karachi Pakistan - Sydney Australia

  6. Derrick Conway David (Jr.) (b1975)Karachi Pakistan - Sydney Australia

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