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Joseph DANIELL married ?, children:

  1. Anna Letitia Daniell (b 1869)

Next Generation

Anna Letitia DANIELL (b 1869)  at 17yrs on 11 Aug 1886 in Vepery married 23yr Edward William FRASER Madras Police (b 20 Apr 1860, c 13 Jul 1860 Mangalore, d 14 Apr 1889 Berhampore)



Adrian Augustus DANIELL married Georgiana ?, children:

  1. Joseph Adolphus Daniell (b 1890)

  2. Gladys Octavia Leonora Daniell (b 1894)

  3. Alva Adeline Daniell (b 25 Mar 1895, c 25 May 1895 Rangoon)

  4. Rosamond Doris Daniell

  5. Maximillan Ivan Van Greichen Quinlivan Daniell (b 22 Feb 1898, c 16 Jun 1898 Toungoo)

  6. Julian Augustus Daniell (b 9 May 1900, c 19 Apr 1902 Rangoon)

Next Generation

Joseph Adolphus DANIELL (b 1890) at 27yrs on 9 Jan 1917 in Rangoon married 24yr ? MAGEE (b 1893, daughter of Saya Magee)


Joseph Adolphus DANIELL (b 1890) widowed, at 40yrs on 14 Jun 1928 in Yenangyuung married 30yr Ma On Myaing (b 1898, daughter of U Ton Lin)


Gladys Octavia Leonora DANIELL (b 1894) at 34yrs on 7 Oct 1929 in Rangoon married 30yr Port Policeman Charkes Victor DANKER (b 1899, son of Andreas Joseph Danker)


Rosamond Doris DANIELL on 19 Feb 1917 in Rangoon married 28yr Nicholas Hippoeratis BORAS (b 1889, son of Hippoeratis Boras)


Maximillan Ivan Van Greichen Quinlivan DANIELL (b 22 Feb 1898, c 16 Jun 1898 Toungoo) at 24yrs on 25 Sep 1922 in Sialkot married 15yr Vera Esme LYNCH (b 1907 daughter of William Victor Lynch)


My nana, Olive lived in the hill stations, a small town called Nanital in a villa called Olive Villa. She came down to Calcutta for the winter. in 1952 she travelled to UK leaving all her family behind except her eldest brother (my great uncle Kenneth). Her maiden name was Daniell. Olive died 10 years ago (2012). My dad has a love of Old Rovers which was my nana’s family’s car of choice in India. Heather Dawn Broadbent


Zacariah DANIELL married Gettisey Keziah ?, children:

  1. Arthur Adolphus Daniell (b 25 Jun 1879, c 31 Aug 1879 Ootacamund)

Next Generation

Arthur Adolphus DANIELL Clerk in Ordnance Dept  Poona (b 1882) married  Mabel Kathleen ?, (b 1881, d 27 Jul 1921 Calcutta, age 40) children:

  1. Arthur Denzil Gordon Hazell Daniell (b 12 Sep 1905, c 18 Nov 1905 Ootacamund)

  2. Hazell Henry Kenneth Vernon Daniell (b 7 Sep 1907, c 7 Dec 1907 Poona)

  3. Gerald Lovell Adolphus Daniell (b 8 Jan 1910, c 9 Apr 1910 Nainital)

  4. Doreen Enid Estelle Daniell (b 21 Dec 1911, c 4 May 1912 Nainital)

  5. Noel Malcolm Richard Daniell (b 3 Dec 1917, c 22 Dec 1917 Calcutta)

Arthur Adolphus DANIELL (b 1882) widowed, at 40yrs on 29 Sep 1922 in Calcutta married 20yr Annie BOND, (b 1902 daughter of Jonathan Bond)children:

  1. Olive May Daniell (b 15 May 1925, c 21 Jun 1925 Calcutta, d 2012 UK)

  2. Rudolph Terence Daniell (b 28 Jul 1929, c 29 Jul 1929 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Arthur Denzil Gordon Hazell DANIELL (b 12 Sep 1905, c 18 Nov 1905 Ootacamund) at 39yrs on 1 May 1944 in Cawnpore married 39yr Millicent May COLEMAN (b 1905 daughter of John Hewitt Coleman)



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