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I am trying to trace my grandfather, he was born in Rangoon in 1902 his name was Reginald Clement De Monte, I need to know where I can obtain a copy of his birth certificate. Does anyone have a postal or email address. Carol Smith carol@hgvs.wanadoo.co.uk


info from Joseph_Meagher@dell.com

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. ??

Next Generation

?? D’MONTE married Bella MEAGHER and Has 3 Children

  1. Stephen D’Monte

  2. Carmel D'Monte

  3. David D’Monte

Next Generation

Stephen D’Monte married ??, 2 Children,

  1. Caroline D'Monte

  2. Cathrine D'Monte

Carmel D'Monte married ?? Dyall , 2 Children,

  1. Anisha

  2. Ashley

David D’Monte married ??, 1 child



info from Chris Ryan cmryan@ntlworld.com

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. ??

Next Generation

John Emanuel D'MONTE married Sophia ??, children:

  1. Grace Constance D'Monte (b 1859)

  2. Mary Ann Sophia D'Monte (b 1860)

  3. Adelaide (Adeliza?) Georgiana (Georgina?) Euphusina (Euphemia?) D'Monte (b. 1861)

  4. Florence D'Monte (b. 1865)

  5. Wilbert D'Monte (b.1870)

Next Generation

Wilbert  D'MONTE married Ellen Constance MURRAY (born 1885 Bangalore, Tamil Nadu), children:

  1. Henrietta Pansy (known as Pamela or Pam) D'Monte (b 1900 approx)

  2. Gladys Muriel D'MONTE (b 1906?)

  3. Archibald D' Monte (b 1910 approx)

Next Generation

Henrietta Pansy (Pamela) D'MONTE married Benjamin SHELDON


Gladys Muriel D'MONTE  married Alfred Stephen GARDNER (b 1885, Stroud, England).

1. Lily Mary Garder (b 1926, Itarsi)
2. Margaret Gardner (b c1929, Itarsi)
3. Rita Gardner (b c1931, Itarsi)
4. Jack Gardner (b c1932, Itarsi)
5. Stephen Gardner (b c1947, Itarsi)



info from Deana D'monte deanadmonte@btinternet.com

Hi, I was amazed to find this site. I am the daughter of Raymond and Sheila Dmonte.I am no longer in contact with either unfortunately. My grandparent were Norman and Charlotte D'monte ( As I knew them) and I know that they fled to Croydon and my Grandad worked for an oil company and were from Brunei. Unfortunately they both died when I was 5 and I don't have much detail. I know that we have other family that I have never met and the family lost touch with. I would really love to hear from any relatives who could tell me more about my Grandparents. I also have an idea I may have an older brother I am not aware of born before 1968. If anyone has any info, I would love to hear from you.

Norman D'MONTE married Charlotte ??, children:

  1. Raymond D'Monte

Next Generation

Raymond D'MONTE married Sheila ??, children:

  1. Deana D'Monte


info from Wayne David & Andrea Monteiro waynesgonenextdoor@hotmail.com & Gavin D'Monte  dmonte@blueyonder.co.uk

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Horace D'Monte

Next Generation

Horace D'Monte married Sheila ?, children:

  1. Derrick D'Monte

  2. Christopher D'Monte

  3. Daphne D'Monte

  4. Michael D'Monte

  5. Noel D'Monte

  6. Gavin Horace D'Monte (b 65, Bangalore)

(later Sheila married Desmond ROSS: children: Keith Ross - married Hermine Rosario : Children -

a)Savanna Ross

b) Nathanial Ross

c) Baby Girl Ross d)Kelly)

Next Generation

Derrick D'Monte married Charmaine Maria HOOPER : Children -

  1. Clidy D'Monte

  2. Jason D'Monte

 info from cmdmonte@Yahoo.com

Daphne D'Monte married Brian Monteiro : Children -

  1. Andrea Serena Monteiro

  2. Cassandra Sheila Monteiro

Michael D'Monte married Sandra Clark : Children -

  1. Michelle Patricia D'Monte

  2. Bradley Craig D'Monte

Noel D'Monte married  Marion HOOPER (lived in Croydon, S.E. London, for twenty years and then moved to Maryland, USA, in December 1999.) Children:

  1. Marcus David Bain (London)

  2. Kristina D'Monte (Maryland, U.S.A.)

  3. Dillon D'Monte (Maryland, U.S.A.)


info from Rory Hendricks r_hendricks@iinet.net.au

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Merlin D'Monte

Next Generation

Merlin D'MONTE (b 1920) married George HENDRICKS (b 1914) children:

  1. Pamela Hendricks (b1940)

  2. Dagma (Devi) Hendricks (b 1942)

  3. Blossom (Bina) Hendricks (b 1944)

  4. Sandra Hendricks (born....)

  5. Leucelle Hendricks (deceased)

  6. Anthony (Tony) Hendricks (b 1951)

  7. Peter Hendricks (b 1953)

Joyce (Dolly) D'MONTE married Rudolph HENDRICKS (b1931) : children:

  1. Sabrina Hendricks (b 1956)

  2. Rory Hendricks (b1957)

  3. Kerry-David Hendricks (b1963)

  4. Nicola Hendricks (b1971)


info from RODNEY D'MONTE rdmonte@optusnet.com.au

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Rodney D'Monte (b1932 at Calicut, India)

Next Generation

Rodney D'MONTE (b1932 at Calicut, India) married  Myrtle ELLIS (b1933 at Trichy, India) . Children

  1. Anita D'Monte ( b1960, Trichy, India )

  2. Gail D'Monte  (b1965, Trichy, India )


info from Mike Larkum http://www.larkumnet.freeserve.co.uk/main.html

?? D'MONTE married Beryl LOVERY, children:

  1. D'MONTE, Loretta

  2. D'MONTE, Margaret

  3. D'MONTE, Joan

  4. D'MONTE, Briny

  5. D'MONTE, Bernadette

  6. D'MONTE, Dominic

  7. D'MONTE, Iris

Next Generation

info from dsequeira@csu.edu.au

Loretta D'MONTE (b1958, Madras) married Derek SEQUEIRA (b1948, Bangalore )



info supplied by Beverly Miller (nee Reid) bpmiller@optusnet.com.au and from  rose_pentony@hotmail.com

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Eugene D'Monte

Next Generation

Eugene D'MONTE married Violet KING (b1880 England,  d 1964) , sons - 

  1. Thomas Anthony D'Monte, 

  2. Denny D'Monte, 

  3. Wilfred D'Monte, 

  4. Pat D'Monte, 

  5. Archie D'Monte 

  6. Mary Elizabeth D'Monte, 

  7. Eugenee D'Monte  (Dolly)

  8. Muriel D'Monte

  9. Charles D'Monte

Next Generation

Thomas Anthony D'monte married Lourdes Nimoch , children: 

  1. Eugene Francis Terence D'monte, 

  2. Allen D'monte, 

  3. George D'monte 

  4. Ramona D'monte, 

  5. Edwina D'monte, 

  6. Marie D'monte

Denny D'monte married Ivy ?(Phew, Few, Feugh?), no children.

Wilfred D’MONTE married Esther SAUNDERS; children

  1. Eugene D'Monte

  2. May D'Monte

  3. Charles D'Monte

  4. Anne D'Monte

  5. Cocoo D'Monte

  6. Phillip D'Monte

  7. Marsha D'Monte

Pat D'monte married Mary CAPS 


Mary Elizabeth D'MONTE (May) (b1908, d1977) married Joseph Stephen RODRIGUES (b 1896 in Quilon, d1966): (These are my grandparents)…children;

  1. Albert Eugene Rodrigues (pet name Ginger) b1924

  2. Beatrice Violet Rodrigues (my mother – pet name Betsy) b1925

  3. Stanley Ignatius Rodrigues (b1927)

  4. Edmund Patrick Rodrigues (pet name Tiny) born

  5. Gweneth Mary Rodrigues (pet name Rita)

  6. Adeline Valerie Rodrigues (pet name Buddie girl) b1940

Eugenee D'MONTE (Dolly) married Mervyn BUNYAN; children

  1. Joy Bunyan

  2. Faye Bunyan

  3. Jean Bunyan

  4. Cocoo Bunyan

Next Generation

Eugene Francis Terrance D'MONTE (b 1933, d 2002) married Hazel Philomina YOUNG (b 1932, d 1986), children: 

  1. Catherine D'Monte (Buddie) married Trevor Peters 

  2. Phyllis D'Monte married William Eugene Pentony

  3. Iris D'Monte married Jeffrey Armstrong

  4. Eugene D'Monte married Judy Fernandes, 

  5. Desmond D'Monte married Neena

Allen D'Monte married Patsy MAIL


Ramona D'Monte married Leo PETERS 


Edwina D'Monte married Tony YOUNG 


Marie D'Monte married Dalmond COATES-REID, children:

  1. Mario

  2. Beresford

Next Generation

Catherine D'Monte (Buddie) married Trevor Peters  - children

  1. Ricku Peters

  2. Dollo Peters

  3. Fabien Peters

Phyllis D'monte married William Eugene PENTONY - children

  1. MaryAnn Pentony married Ranjan Sahoo

  2. Rose Mary Pentony married Omer F. Haidar

  3. Hyacinth Pentony married Robin Carruthers

  4. Jude Pentony married Pinky Reid

  5. Bernadine Pentony

  6. Anthony Pentony married Bablie

Iris D'monte married Jeffrey Armstrong - children

  1. Candy Armstrong

  2. Christopher Armstrong

  3. Conrad Armstrong

Eugene D'monte married Judy Fernandes - children

  1. Diana D'monte

  2. Everad D'monte

Desmond D'monte married Neena ?? - children

  1. Nikita D'monte

  2. Timothy D'monte


info from neil d'rozario <nathanil@bigpond.net.au

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Clement D'Monte

Next Generation

Clement D'MONTE of Madras (b 1880, d 1932) married Bridget DALE (b 1890, d 1966), children:

  1. Clarence D'MONTE (b 1915, d 1916)

  2. Melville Gerald D'MONTE (b 1917)

  3. Eugene Bernard D'MONTE (b 1921)

  4. Denzil Vincent D'MONTE (b 1922)

  5. Kenneth Anthony D'MONTE (b 1925)

  6. Eric D'MONTE (b 1927)

  7. Horace Anthony D'MONTE (b 1928)

  8. Leslie Stephen D'MONTE (b 1929)

Next Generation

Eugene Bernard D'MONTE (b 1921) married Marie RODRIGUES (b 1926), children:

  1. Eugenie D'MONTE (b 1949)

Denzil Vincent D'MONTE (b 1922) married Lorna Theresa D'CRUZ, children:

  1. Ann D'MONTE

  2. David D'MONTE

  3. Gerard D'MONTE

  4. Paul D'MONTE

  5. Marlene D'MONTE

  6. Kay D'MONTE

  7. Rosemary D'MONTE  

Kenneth Anthony D'MONTE (b 1925, d 1999) married Fay ASSAY, children:

  1. Raymond D'MONTE

  2. Mark D'MONTE

  3. Kevin D'MONTE

  4. Luke D'MONTE

  5. Dean D'MONTE

  6. Carl D'MONTE

  7. Michelle D'MONTE

  8. Brian D'MONTE  

Horace Anthony D'MONTE (b 1928) married Marie RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Marianne D'MONTE

  2. Douglas D'MONTE

  3. Leslie D'MONTE            

Next Generation

Eugenie D'MONTE (b 1949) married Denver PINTO, children:

  1. Priya Ann Pinto

  2. Nisha Mary Pinto

Ann D'MONTE married Ashley BRAGANZA


David D'MONTE married Carol D'SOUZA, children:

  1. Necia D'Monte

Marlene D'MONTE married Ian D'CRUZ


Kay M D'MONTE married Neil M D'ROZARIO, children:

  1. Brooke D'Rozario

  2. Nathaniel D'Rozario


info supplied by Richard D'Monte 8/1/2002 r_dmonte@hotmail.com 

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Richard D'Monte

Next Generation

Richard D'MONTE married Mercy BREWART , children:

  1. Bruce Terrance D'Monte (b1920 d1951),

  2. Neville D'Monte.

Richard D'MONTE married Mary BREWART (2nd marriage to sister of Mercy after she died), children :

  1. Stanley D'Monte 

  2. Ruby D'Monte, 

  3. RhodaD'Monte , 

  4. Leslie D'Monte 

  5. John D'Monte (Jack) (in India.) 

Next Generation

Bruce Terrance D'MONTE married Nellie JOHNSON, 4 children:

  1. Marjorie Olive D'Monte,

  2. Audrey Mercy D'Monte, 

  3. Richard Thomas D'Monte

  4. June Mary D'Monte,

all living in Southern California USA. 



?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Bernaddine Marguerita D'Monte

Next Generation

Bernaddine Marguerita D'MONTE (b 1958 Vepery) married Peter Michael Clayton RODRIGUES, children:

  1. Jeremy Michael Rodrigues

  2. Steve Mark John Rodrigues

  3. Christopher Mathew Rodrigues


info from Anthea D'monte  anthea_demonte@yahoo.com

?? D'MONTE married ??, children:

  1. Joseph D'Monte

Next Generation

Joseph D'MONTE married Gertrude GALEO, children:

  1. Jumbo D'monte kate...chilren-Brian( in australia melbourne or perth not sure now),Rayburn(delhi), Trevor(muscat, Sr.Anita n Deana D'monte(trichy)

  2. Dorothy D'monte married maxi stone

  3. Lu D'monte  married Blanche one son John

  4. Percy D'monte

  5. Bobby D'monte married  Reggie BATES

  6. Denzil D'monte married averil...chilren Henrietta D'monte married Nick (nigeria)

Next Generation

Percy D'MONTE married Josephine ASSAY :

  1. Coral D'Monte

  2. Pam D'Monte

  3. Dolly D'Monte

  4. Basil D'Monte

  5. Stanley D'Monte

  6. Edna D'Monte


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