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James D'COSTA married ??, children:

  1. Patrick Aloysius D'COSTA (b1867)

Next Generation

Patrick Aloysius D'COSTA from Bengal (b1867) married ??, Children:

  1. Mary Sidony D'Costa (b 1900)

  2. Ann D'Costa

  3. Jane D'Costa.

Patrick Aloysius D'COSTA moved to Cocanada after his 1st wife passed away. At 49yrs on 29 Nov 1916 he married there again to 27yr Maude Ann EATON (b 1889, daughter of John Eaton). Patrick may have died prematurely in a work accident.


Next Generation

Mary Sidony D'COSTA (b 1900) at 17yrs on 5 Feb 1917 in Cannanore, Madras, married 23yr James Arthur TEXEIRA (b 1894, son of James Texeira),


Mary Sidony D'COSTA (b 1900) at 19yrs, after the death of James, on 13 July 1919 at St Ignatius, Bombay, married widower 40yr Albert JULIAN (b 1879, who had a daughter: Daisy Mary Julian (b 1897) at 21yrs on 2 Oct 1918 in Bombay married 25yr Ralph Joseph Franklin (b 1893, son of Robert Franklin) in Bombay)



William D'COSTA married ?, children:

  1. Patrick D'Costa (b 1871)

Next Generation

Patrick D'Costa (b 1871) at 36yrs on 19 Aug 1907 in Calcutta married 25yr  Adell Swareis (b 1882, daughter of John Adell Swareis)




Patrick William D'COSTA married ? Adler Esteller (b 1882, d 30 Aug 1907 Calcutta, age 25), children:

  1. Dorothy Gladys D'Costa (b 19 Dec 1896 Bengal)

  2. John Fabian D'Costa (b 7 Mar 1898 Bengal)

  3. Violet Ellen D'Costa (b 20 June 1901 Bandel)

  4. Edward Francis D'Costa (b 23 Oct 1903 Calcutta)

  5. Ethel Clare D'Costa (b 2 Sep 1905 Bandel)




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Adrian Dunstan D'COSTA married 8 Feb 1888 Cannanore, Madras to Sophia Matilda BROWN b. 1864. They had 3 known children:

  1. Charles Adrian D'COSTA b. 1888 Calicut, Madras

  2. Helen Grace D'COSTA b. 1890 Vepery, Madras

  3. Alice Maud Irene D'COSTA b. 1892 Madras


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Henry DíCOSTA married Doris LAZARO, children:

  1. Mary DíCOSTA (born  May 1952)

  2. Joe DíCOSTA (born May 1952)

  3. Christine DíCOSTA (born 1970 )

Next Generation

Mary DíCOSTA (b1952) married Derick DESMIER with children:

  1. Dominic DESMIER (born June 1974, studied in St. Marys & Christ Church) married Michelle CRAKE, live in Melbourne with children:ē Johnathan,  CRAKE-DESMIER (born 2002), ē       TBA

  2. Mario DESMIER (born August 1979, studied in St. Marys)

Joe DíCOSTA (b1952) married Mary CLONEY with children:

  1. Shayne DíCOSTA (born July 1979),     

  2. Rodney DíCOSTA (born Feb 1982)

Christine DíCOSTA (b 1970 ) married Sebastian RICHARD and lives in NZ with children:

  1. Aaron Leander Richard,       

  2. Maria Genevia Richard


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Leonard Stephen D'COSTA (b1939, Fort Ballary, Andara, India) married Brenda Antoinette DONOVAN (b1946, Newtown, Madras, India) in St. Joseph's Church in Vepry on 5/2/1967. Children:

  1. Amelia Christeen D'COSTA (b1967, Madras, India)

  2. Scharmaine Aureen D'COSTA (b1969, Madras, India)

  3. Aaron Jude D'COSTA (b1971, Madras, India)

  4. Diann Salome D'COSTA (b1976, Madras, India)

Next Generation

Amelia Christeen D'COSTA (born 22/2/1967, Madras, India) married Zedebakaih MOORE (Rockville, Maryland, U.S.) on 7/10/1986. Children:
    1.  Nicole Ashley MOORE (b1987)
    2.  Amanda Lizette MOORE (b1989)
    3.  Jordan Zackariah MOORE (b1990)
    4.  Kyle Jacob MOORE (b1992) remarried to TROY McGEE (b1967). Children:  Mikayla McGEE, Caleb Daniel McGee

Scharmaine Aureen D'COSTA (b1969, Madras, India) married Antonio ROBINSON in Rockville, Maryland, U.S. Children:
    1.  Nile Alexander ROBINSON
    2.  Nicholas Taylor ROBINSON

Aaron Jude D'COSTA (b1971, Madras, India) married Laila ZAYED (b1971, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) on 26/2/1999 in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.

Diann Salome D'COSTA (b1976, Madras, India) married Waydal SANDERSON (Washington, DC, U.S.) on 20/10/1999. Children:
    1.  Noelle Madras SANDERSON (b2001, Washington, DC, U.S.)
    2.  Bierdan Dillen SANDERSON (b2003, Washington, DC, U.S.)



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?? D'COSTA married ??, children:

  1. Gordon D'Costa

  2. Carl D'Costa (lives in Abu Dhabi)

  3. Elaine D'Costa (studied  in St. Thomas's Girls School, Calcutta 1963)

Next Generation

Elaine D'COSTA married ?? ARMSTRONG, children:



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Francis Aloysius D'COSTA married Alice Maud JOHNSTONE from George Town, Chennai, India, They had one child, male,

  1. Hilary Aloysius D'Costa (b ?, d January 1983 in Chennai India)

Next Generation

Hilary Aloysius D'COSTA (b ?, d January 1983 in Chennai India) married Adrienne Eudea CARVALHO from Calcutta. They had 8 children. Adrienne D'Costa resides with her children in Australia.:

  1. Monica Alice D'Costa

  2. Derek Anthony D'Costa

  3. Clarissa Elizabeth D'Costa

  4. Bruce Conrad D'Costa

  5. Ian Hilary D'Costa

  6. Loretta Genevieve Geraldine D'Costa

  7. Christine Maria D'Costa

  8. Paul Anthony D'Costa (remains a bachelor in Cairns Australia)

Next Generation

Monica Alice D'COSTA married Settimo FERRERO from Cairns Australia and is now resident in Cairns Australia
They have 2 children:

  1. Neil Ferrero

  2. Nadia Ferrero

Derek Anthony D'COSTA married Christine Ann WILLIAMS of Chennai India and are now resident in Melbourne Australia
They have 3 children:

  1. Shawn Leander D'Costa

  2. Wayne Hilary D'Costa

  3. Magnus Felix D'Costa

Clarissa Elizabeth D'COSTA married Trevor DIQUE from London (formerly from Royapuram) and is now resident in Sussex UK
They have 2 children:

  1. Rebecca Dique

  2. Samantha Dique

Bruce Conrad D'COSTA married Geraldine Bernadette WILLIAMS of Chennai India and is now resident in Melbourne Australia
They have 2 children:

  1. Johannes Dominic D'Costa

  2. Gabriella Marya D'Costa

Ian Hilary D'COSTA married Jacqueline Mohan from Chennai India and is now resident of Melbourne Australia
They have 1 child

  1. Teneale D'Costa

Loretta Genevieve D'COSTA married Bradley Jackson from Cairns Australia and is now resident in Cairns Australia
They have 1 child:

  1. Cassandra Jackson

Christine Maria D'COSTA married Scott Kalac from Cairns Australia and is now resident in Cairns Australia



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?D'COSTA married ??, children:

  1. Marcella D'COSTA

Next Generation

Marcella D'COSTA married Keith Francis Joseph FONCECA , children

  1. Sherilyn FONCECA, 

  2. Belinda FONCECA

  3. Adrian FONCECA.


?D'COSTA married ??, children:

  1. Robert D'COSTA

Next Generation

Robert DíCOSTA married 28 Dec.1963 to Rita FULLER, teacher, children:(4 girls) Live in Perth, Australia

  1.  ?





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?D'COSTA married ??, children:

  1. Stephen D'COSTA

Next Generation

Stephen D'COSTA of Qurious St, Fort Cochin married Marie ? (Deselva or DíZelva) from Madras, children :

  1. Collin D'COSTA

Next Generation

Collin D'COSTA married Louella D'MONTE of Calicut, live in Melbourne Australia:

  1. ?? D'Costa (daughter 2.5 years old at 13/3/2007)


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?? D'COSTA married Alexia PANSY (studied at St Joseph's Presentation Convent, Perambur, Madras, South India. Father - Cyril Archibold Pansy married to Colleen CLARKE, daughter of Vivian & Gertrude Clarke who lived at Perambur, Madras, South India)



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?D'COSTA married ??, children:

  1. Hilda D'COSTA

Next Generation

Hilda D'COSTA  married James FERNANDEZ (formerly James FONCECA), children:

  1. Barbara FERNANDEZ

  2. Rhone FERNANDEZ

  3. Edward FERNANDEZ

  4. Miranda FERNANDEZ

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