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?? D'BRASS married ??, children:

  1. Peter D'Brass

Next Generation

Peter D'BRASS (KGP/KUR/Waltair/Calcutta) in 1966 married Penelope (Penny) LOVERY (born in 1945). They initially lived in Calcutta. Peter immigrated to Canada in 1969 and Penny followed 18 months later with their two girls. They currently live in Whitby Ontario.

  1. Anna Marie D'Brass was born in 1966 in Calcutta.

  2. Deborah D'Brass (born in 1969 in Calcutta) 

  3. Andrew D'Brass was born in 1982 in Toronto Canada.

Next Generation

Anna Marie D'BRASS (born in 1966 in Calcutta) married Austin SALDANHA in 1995. They have three children:

  1. Jessica Saldanha (b 1996)

  2. Austin Saldanha Jnr. (b 1998)

  3. Sean Saldanha (b Sep 2002)

  4. Melissa Saldanha (b 2004) 

Deborah D'BRASS (born in 1969 in Calcutta) was briefly married to Paul Clayton and was divorced two years later. (She is now married to Jim Mitchell.


Deborah D'BRASS married James (Jim) Mitchell.  They have a Daughter

  1. Madison Annamarie Mitchell (born 2005).  

And Jim has a daughter (Deborah's stepdaughter) from his first marriage named Alyssa Lauren Mitchell born 1990.


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