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Large gap between Eustace and Muriel could mean that Edward and Eileen born in those years, or other children. Any help at all on this family would be gratefully received. Jan Rees


James CROSBIE (b 1806) at 31yrs on 14 Aug 1837 in Agra married 16yr Albah WILLIAMS,(b 1821) children:

  1. Ann Crosbie (16 June 1844 Loodiana)

  2. Margaret Crosbie (b 27 Oct 1845 Loodiana)

  3. Alice Crosbie (b 25 Nov 1850 Saharunpore)

  4. John Nelson CROSBIE (b 14 Mar 1853)

Next Generation

John Nelson CROSBIE (b 14 Mar 1853) at 20yrs on 22 Sep 1873 in Fyzabad married 13yr Elizabeth MONTGOMERY (b 1860 daughter of Charles Wilson Montgomery) Children:

  1. Eileen Maud CROSBIE (b 9 Dec 1890 Roorkee)

  2. Blanche Alberta Mercy CROSBIE b. 1874, India

  3. Mabel Philippinee Ann CROSBIE b. 1876, Benures, India

  4. John Nelson Montgomery CROSBIE (b 1878, d 6 Sep 1879 Fyzabad, age 1)

  5. Stella Alice CROSBIE b. 1880, West Bengal, India

  6. Alfred CROSBIE b. 1881, Benares, India

  7. Charles Wilson CROSBIE b. 1883, India

  8. Ellen Jane CROSBIE b. 1886, Bengal, India

  9. Eustace Lionel CROSBIE b. 1887, Roorkee, India

  10. Arthur William Crosbie (b 27 Feb 1896 Roorkee)

  11. Muriel Ursula Sybil CROSBIE b. 1899, Roorkee, India

  12. Edward James Maurice CROSBIE (b 27 Apr 1901 Roorkee)

Next Generation

Eileen Maud CROSBIE (b 9 Dec 1890 Roorkee) at 38yrs on 19 Feb 1932 in Saharenpur married 31yr William Patrick WALKER (b 1901, son of William Walker)


Blanche Alberta Mercy CROSBIE (b 18 Aug 1874 Fyzabad) at 20yrs on 15 Jan 1895 In Roorkee married Arthur Henry EVANS (son of John Rea Evans)


Charles Wilson CROSBIE Electrical Engineer (b 1 Dec 1883 Moradabad)  m. Daisy ?


Muriel Ursula Sybil CROSBIE (b 3 Jan 1899 Roorkee) in 1922 in Nottingham married. Edward Douglas ASKWITH (b 1895 Cambridge, d 1926 Carnarvon, Wales)



?? CROSBIE married ??, children:

  1. Thomas Crosbie

Next Generation

Thomas CROSBIE married Eliza ??, children:

  1. Thomas James Crosbie (b 8 Jan 1877 Vepery, d 24 Nov 1935 Bangalore)

Next Generation

Thomas James CROSBIE (b 8 Jan 1877 Vepery, d 24 Nov 1935 Bangalore) at 28yrs on 18 Jan 1905 in Blacktown, Madras married 20yr Mabel Constance FONCECA (b 30 Sep 1884 Trichinopoly)


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