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info from Wendy Myers

I am trying to trace  My paternal Grandfather George Cooke who was the husband of my Grandmother May Blossom(nee De Cruz) She was born in Calcutta in 1921 and bore three children by my Grandfather. Dennis (my father) and my aunts Margaret and Brenda. He was a military policeman and was injured I presume, during the war. Whilst he was in hospital he formed a relationship with a nurse and later when he was discharged left my Grandmother and returned to England. My Grandmother followed in 1947 and later she and My Grandfather were divorced. I believe he settled in the Birmingham area and I presume that he had another family. I would very much like to fill in the gaps so if anyone out there has any information I would be very grateful. Many thanks Wendy


?? COOKE married ??, children:

  1. George Cooke

Next Generation

George COOKE married May Blossom De CRUZ (born in Calcutta in 1921), children:

  1. Dennis Cooke

  2. Margaret Cooke

  3. Brenda Cooke


Hi there, I am searching for my sister Gloria who was adopted by the Bogard(t) family in Calcutta. Her birth date is approximately 1953 - 1955. She was adopted along with my brother Victor (who died 3 months after being adopted). She is the last sister we have to find. Anyone with information on the Bogard family from Calcutta who adopted two children from the Cooke family would be much appreciated, especially whether they migrated to another country or are still in India would be helpful. Rosalind 
Thanks for your help 
Errol Cooke  


info from and Raymond


?? COOKE married ??, children:

  1. George Albert COOKE

Next Generation

George Albert COOKE (d 1975) married Lillian Muriel OAKLEY from Calcutta (b 9/12/1919, studied at Dr.Graham's, Kalimpong, d 22/10/2001 Sydney), children:

  1. Winston Cooke

  2. Errol Cooke

  3. Raymond Cooke (Worked in Kalimpong Home Products and the Little Shoppe with Malcolm Sukius. Left Calcutta for Sydney Australia in 1969. Joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 1972 , and have since retired.

  4. Judy Cooke (Madge)

  5. Gloria Cooke (b abt 1953-1955, adopted by the BOGARD(T) Family in Calcutta)

  6. Vernon Cooke

  7. Rosalind Cooke

  8. Sharon Cooke (Serena)

  9. Marcella Cooke



Hi, I am janakie from sri lanka,50 years old and trying desperately to find my grandmother's relations who are anglo indians, My grandmother was a Cook and her maiden name was Evelyn. Evelyn married my grandfather, Gerald de Silva when he was in madras on duty and both of them came down to Sri lanka. But after the birth of my mother Barbara, she retuned back to India and never visited the island again. May be there are relations of hers in Madras still and i would appreciate if somebody could trace any one of them. My mother is in her mid seventies now and cant remember much details as she was only 2 years when all this happened. According to her my grandmother was a matron in a hospital in madras and she had met my GF whilst he was warded for treatment. i know i cant help you much but at least i am trying if by luck i could trace my maternal relations.

My mother Babara was born in the town of Kotagala in the Nuwara Eliya District on the 13th November 1927. She also says that her mother Evelyn Cooke had a sister called Rose Foks. My grand ma had worked in the Madras civil hospital till she got married in 1926 as the matron in charge.

Thanks, regards janakie 24/9/2002 


?? COOKE married ??, children:

  1. Evelyn Cooke

  2. Rose Foks

Next Generation

Evelyn COOKE (matron in charge in a hospital in Madras) in 1926 married Gerald de SILVA, children:

  1. Barbara de SILVA (born in the town of Kotagala in the Nuwara Eliya District on the 13th November 1927)

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