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Hi Russel, I came across several other Fonceca's. The film is very faint in parts and difficult to read. I will list what I was able to decipher. If you let me have your snail mail address I will send you photocopies. I doubt if it will be all that useful as the quality of the printer at the Library is not very good, but you may be able to distinguish details my tired old eyes cannot pick up.   Gilbert Raymond 19/10/1999

Below Info supplied/confirmed by Roger A Fonseca 


? FONCECA married ?, children:

  1. Simon Fonceca (b 1805, d 29 Dec 1870 Madras)

Next Generation

Simon FONCECA (b 1805, d 29 Dec 1870) on 8 May 1833 in Black Town Madras, married Elizabeth BRADEN (b 20 Jun 1813, d 15 June 1834 Madras 21yrs. Parents William & Mary Braden)


Simon FONCECA, widower, Indo-Briton, Draftsman, (b 1805, d 29 Dec 1870) in Madras on 27 Nov 1839 married 2nd wife Louisa JOHNSTON, (b ?, d 19 Mar 1885 age 68) Spinster, Indo-Briton (by dispensation, as both were Roman Catholic there was a special ceremony. This was conducted by Rt Rev Doctor P J Carew, Bishop of Philadelphia USA, Co-Adjutor Vicar Apostolic of Madras and Meliapore on 27 November 1839, witnesses W L Johnston, G J J Fonceca. Simon was a widower when he married and they were both 'Indo-British. Louisa died a widow on 19 March 1885 of general debility aged 68), children : 

  1. Agnes Eliza Fonceca (born 1841?), 

  2. Beatrice Josephine Fonceca (born 18/11/1842, baptised 10/12/1842, Madras, officiating Minister J Fennelly. LDS film 530008/9 Vol 2/4 P580),

  3. Juliana Sophia Fonceca (born 19/6/1844, baptised 10/7/1844),

  4. Emeline Georgiana Fonceca (b 1847 d 27/12/1921 Madras age 74)

  5. Octavia Louisa Fonceca (born 1873).

Next Generation

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