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 Info supplied by  Hilary PRESTON

James BOUCHER (born in Clifford, Hereford the 20 September 1807, died in Umballa, India the 26 June 1861) married Elizabeth SPRATT, the 15 February 1841 in Christchurch, Cawnpore, India, 2 children : 

  1. James Boucher, 
  2. William Alfred Boucher (born in Umballa, India the 12 March 1857)

Next Generation

James BOUCHER  married (1) not Known in India, (2) Annie HARDY in India (daughter of William HARDY and Mary KEAN),  8 children : 

  1. George Boucher, 
  2. William Charles Boucher, 
  3. Nellie Boucher, 
  4. Jane Rose Boucher, 
  5. Annette Boucher, 
  6. Leana Boucher, 
  7. Elizabeth Boucher, 
  8. Katheileen Boucher (born in Howrah, India the 25 February 1895, died the 5 February 1981)

William Alfred BOUCHER (born in Umballa, India the 12 March 1857), married on the 16 August 1890 in Delhi. Lina HANNAH ,

Next Generation

George BOUCHER  married Claire HAMILTON, 4 children : 

  1. William Boucher, 
  2. Desmond Hamilton Boucher, 
  3. Jill Boucher, 
  4. Cynthea Boucher

Nellie BOUCHER and ?? had 2 children

  1. Walter Boucher, 
  2. Mercy Boucher (married FRENCH and had 1 child, Colin FRENCH who married Marie).

Jane Rose BOUCHER married Reginald Augustus Colvin ROUSSAC, 2 children:

  1. Phyllis Jean Roussac b.1913 India or Australia
  2. Leon Auguste Roussac b.1918 Australia d.1942 Egypt

Annette BOUCHER, married Jack HOLMES. 5 children

  1. Jack Holmes, 
  2. Harold Holmes, 
  3. Helen Holmes, 
  4. Grace Holmes, 
  5. Jessie Holmes

Leana BOUCHER, married Ernest DOUGLAS. 2 children : 

  1. Edgar Douglas, 
  2. Edith Douglas (married Trevor BOLLEAU).

Elizabeth BOUCHER, married Harold LUXA. 5 children: 

  1. Sheila Luxa
  2. Stanley Luxa (b 2 Sept 1917)
  3. Joyce Luxa (b 6 April 1919)
  4. George Mervin Luxa (b 2 April 1921)
  5. Harold William Luxa (b 5 May 1925)

(above info from 19 March 2004)

Katheileen BOUCHER (born in Howrah, India the 25 February 1895, died the 5 February 1981) married on the 7 July 1927 in Howrah, India John Stewart Christie TURNBULL (born the 24 June 1900 in Edinburgh, son of John Charles Turnbull and Annie Matthew Christie). children : 

  1. Gordon Turnbull (born in Calcutta), 
  2. Ian Stewart Turnbull (born in Calcutta, India the 25 September 1928),
  3. Jean Turnbull (born the 23 January 1931, died in 1980)

Next Generation

Desmond Hamilton BOUCHER (son of George and Claire, and born 19/4/1917, Calcutta, India) married Gwendoline Mavis GLYNN (born 24/2/1918, Asansol, India) on 5/1/1941. Had four children

  1. Jeffrey Glynn Boucher, 
  2. Desmond Peter Boucher, 
  3. Suzanne Gwendoline Boucher
  4. Robert Ian Boucher.

(Information supplied by Suzanne Gwendoline Boucher  ( ) daughter of Desmond.)


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