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(I was reading Moire Breen's recipe for Fish Molie with great interest. My father was Eliott Bolst's brother , Bertram ,  I am the youngest of Bertram's children , there were six of us  .     We knew Eliott as uncle Bunny  .  Many of their recipes were borrowed from my mother Edith Bolst ,   My father was a Tannery Inspector in Cawnpore , touring all over India , late ' 30s early '40s ,  In the early years the brothers worked together in the tannery business , killing the animals , eg:- crocodiles , snakes , wild pig , yes even the poor tigers , in those days it was the '  In '  thing to have luggage , handbags , shoes , belts , on floors and walls , made from these poor creatures ,      The brothers eventually went their separate ways , dad to the Harness and Saddlery factory in Cawnpore , uncle Bunny to Bangalore , first he and his wife Esther owned a clove and cardamom farm , later is when the Bolst Pickles were born , in the late ' 40s early ' 50s the family moved to Australia .

I have an early ' Family tree ' starting in 1636 , with a Boltz , he became the Governor Chinchrur West Bengal , his son had three sons changed the name to Bolts , William , Charles . and Frederick Constantine ,  once again the name changed to Bolst , remained so ever since .  One was even the Mint Master of Madras . There are quite a few more details I would like to know . Did I descend from William, Charles or Constantine [lovely name, isn't it ?]

May be a useless bit of my history , interesting none the less , Best Regards, Christine Bolst


? BOLST married  ?, children: 

  1. Eliott (Bunny)

  2. Bertram

Next Generation

Eliott BOLST married Esther ?

Bertram BOLST married Edith ?, children:






  6. Christine

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