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Rev. James Henry Tomlinson BLUNT, was Senior Government Chaplain, Bombay Presidency. He married Fanny Elizabeth Giraud (b. 17 March 1840) in Faversham, Kent in 1864, shortly before traveling to India. In addition to several children, who died in infancy, they had:

  1. Arthur Henry Giraud BLUNT, b. India 11 Feb 1868

  2. Frederick Giraud BLUNT, b India 5 October 1872

  3. Charles Francis BLUNT, b. Brighton 15 Nov 1878 and

  4. Edgar St. John BLUNT, b. Cleveden 3 April 1881

I'm interested in any further information concerning the two children born in India. I've previously made contact with Miss Edith Blunt, Bexhill, descended from Rev J.H.T. Blunt and Edgar St. John Blunt.

In 1864 Rev. Blunt was in Bombay Presidency, stationed at Kurrachee (now Karachi, Pakistan) at a salary of 500 Rupees per year. The 1881 census shows that Frederick G. Blunt was born in Karachi.

I have also found on the Internet that an ancestor or relative of QUIN-CONROY also mentioned on this list was married by the Rev. Blunt., I believe in Hyderabad. Barry




info from PETER BLUNT <>


?? BLUNT married ??, children:

  1. Leslie Richard Dickenson BLUNT (b Deradhun north India 1922.)

Next Generation


Leslie Richard Dickenson BLUNT (retired Wing Commander, b Dera Dhun north India 1922. Flt Lt Leslie Richard Dickinson Blunt 1994 GD(P.  Award Date 02 Mar 48, Announced 20 Nov 50, Details : Flt. Lt. (now Wg. Cdr.) Leslie Richard Dickinson Blunt was one of the first ‘SPITFIRE’ Pilots to land at Srinagar when it was surrounded by enemy and about to fall. He operated with zeal and vigour and thus helped to throw back the enemy from the gates of Srinagar. In every short space of time, this officer carried out 23 operational sorties against the enemy and achieved remarkable results. He stood out amongst his pilots for his keen enthusiasm and dash. His bombing and gunnery helped to break up many enemy advances at crucial moments. For the excellent results achieved by him during the Air Operations over the outskirts of Srinagar, he has been awarded the Vir Chakra.Unit : AFS Ambala; Reference : Gazette of India , 20th November 1950 - No.13 - Pres dated 15th November 1950 ,
in 1955 in Secunderabad married Philomena Colleen Daisy WILLIAMS (b Lallagudha Secunderabad 1930. studied at St. Anne's Convent, Secunderabad)  Four Sons:

  1. Richard Blunt

  2. Michael Blunt

  3. Geoffery Blunt

  4. Peter Blunt

(Moved to Perth Western Australia in February 1970)



info from

?? BLUNT married ??, children:

  1. George Blunt

Next Generation

George BLUNT married ??, children:

  1. Henry Blunt (born 19/10/1824 Agra)


?? BLUNT married ??, children:

  1. Frederick Blunt

Next Generation

Frederick BLUNT married Sarah Maria ??, children:

  1. Henry George Blunt (born 9/8/1879 Hoosaingunge)




?? BLUNT married ??, children:

  1. Keskue Leslie Blunt

Next Generation

Keskue Leslie BLUNT (studied at Bishop Cotton, Simla till 1944) married ??, children:

  1.  ?


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