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info from Marilyn Blair

My name is Marilyn Blair, born 1951 in England - daughter of William Max Blair now deceased - born in Assam India - his mother was Indian, and his father was William Max Dennis Blair - tea manager Assam India - born 1800's - my father was sent to Dr Grahams homes as a boarder - never to see his mother or so I was told - he apparently had sisters, one called cookie and a brother John Blair - they apparently lived with their mother and went to Catholic schools - my father was brought up as a Methodist - the curator of the school at the time was a Mr Purdy - my father and I as a 3 year old, met Mr Purdy in Edinburgh Scotland -  do remember this.  My grandfather apparently just left his children when the raj problems in India started and during the war and apparently married an English woman, name not known - evidence of this is found in letters I received from Dr Grahams homes  (letters written to Mr Purdy - my father's guardian).   A birth certificate given to me by my uncle John  (who subsequently emigrated to Canada with his family) showing that my great grandfather's name was in fact Bleira and not Blair (German) he was married to a lady (my great grandmother) called Whitchurch - they lived harold wood essex. I would like to know about my family - I know nothing about my Indian side and nothing about the English or German side. Can anyone shed some light ??? Marilyn Blair

William Max Dennis BLEIRA (BLAIR) Tea Manager, Assam (born 1800's in Harold Wood, Essex, England) married ?? WHITCHURCH (born in England), children:

  1. William Max Blair (born 10 June 1925? Assam India, went to Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong)

  2. John Blair (subsequently emigrated to Canada with his family)

  3. ? Blair (Cookie)

Next Generation

William Max BLAIR Tea Manager (born 10 June 1925? Assam India, went to Dr Graham's Homes in Kalimpong)  married ??, children:

  1. Marilyn Blair (born 1951 in England)


Info supplied by Kay O'Neil 

?? BLAIR married ??, children:

  1. Marian Blair

Next Generation

Marian BLAIR married Thomas CRONING Trivandrum c1860 , Son: 

  1. Samuel  Innocent Croning (b Trivandrum c 1860)

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