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Info supplied by Stan Blackford author of  "One Hell of a Life"


?? BLACKFORD married ??, children:

  1. John Tridon Blackford

Next Generation

John Tridon BLACKFORD ( He started life as a weaver but graduated to becoming a marine engineer.) married Lydia LITTLE, children :

  1. Harry Tridon Blackford (b 26 Dec 1839 at 22 Newton Street, South St Giles in the Fields, in the County of Middlesex, England)

Next Generation

Harry Tridon BLACKFORD (b 26 Dec 1839 at 22 Newton Street, South St Giles in the Fields, in the County of Middlesex, England) followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a marine engineer. An adventurous young man, he and his bride – alas, I do not know her name – joined the rush of entrepreneurs to India to establish their fortunes. He invested his venture capital in the Apkar Steamship Line, which had the profitable contract for carrying mail between Calcutta and Rangoon in Burma. When the British India Steam Navigation Company later took over this mail run, Harry sold his interest and bought a jute mill at Calcutta, on the banks of the Hooghly river, and a house in Entally, a near-by suburb. This house was still in the possession of my father’s family in the early 1940s.

Harry settled down to living the life of a nabob and had seven children before his wife died. Like many young English women in those days, she succumbed to the strain of bearing too many children in a debilitating climate and coping with poor hygiene and medical conditions. Harry remarried. His second wife, Edith TOUSSANT, was a burgher from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. (Note: Eurasians in Ceylon were called burghers). Edith bore her husband six children, of whom my father was the eldest.:

  1. Edward George Blackford (b 21 Sep 1885, and baptised eleven days later into the Church of England at St Stephen's Church, 3 Diamond Harbour Road, Kidderpore.)

Next Generation

Edward George BLACKFORD (b 21 Sep 1885, and baptised eleven days later into the Church of England at St Stephen's Church, 3 Diamond Harbour Road, Kidderpore.). My father carried on the family tradition by following his grandfather, father and numerous uncles and brothers into marine engineering. He served his King and country during the first World War, surviving three ships torpedoed under him. He was Church of England and a Freemason, as were all the 'best' people in India at the time. He belonged to the establishment. He and his family were the salt of the earth, the stuff of which the British Empire was built. When he decided to forsake the sea-faring life, he went to England, sat for the entrance examination for the Bengal Provincial Service, and was appointed to the Bengal Government Factory Boilers Commission. My father, Edward, married Rhoda Doris DUNCAN (she went by the name Doris). I know nothing about my mother’s side of the family other than that her father was a Scottish ex-soldier who became a guard on the East Indian Railway at Asansol, and that her mother’s Christian name was Millicent. Doris was the fifth child from a family of eight children. Edward and Doris set up house at 17/1 Bedford Lane in Calcutta, where they started their family. Children:

  1. Harry Tridon Blackford, (b 1919, d after two weeks.

  2. Stanley Tridon Blackford, (b 26th May, 1920,)

  3. Frank Tridon Blackford, (b 2nd Dec, 1922.) became a marine engineer, and retired at Whyalla in South Australia.

Stanley Tridon BLACKFORD, (b 26th May, 1920,) worked in Calcutta for a year and in Burnpur (near Asansol in West Bengal) for about three years before joining the Indian Army, and rose to the rank of Captain, and was Adjutant of the 6th Royal Battalion, 13th Frontier Force Rifles. On leaving the Army, Stan came to Adelaide, South Australia, on 1st April, 1948. On 13th November 1951 married Teresa Alvina Brady (commonly called Tess), the youngest of eight children born to Michael Ignatius Brady and Ruby Catherine Brady (nee Hogg). We have raised four children:

  1. Anthony Michael Tridon Blackford,

  2. Thomas Francis Blackford,

  3. Anne Marie Batters and

  4. Veronica Gerardine Blackford.


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