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?? BERKELEY married ??, children:

  1. Alexander Berkeley

Next Generation

Alexander BERKELEY on 2 Nov 1754 in Calcutta married Catharina ?



?? BERKELEY married ??, children:

  1. Henry Nicholas Lionel Berkeley

Next Generation

Henry Nicholas Lionel BERKELEY in November 1794 in India married Jane Zara ?, children:

  1. Evelyn Alice Berkeley

  2. Lila Charlotte Maude Berkeley

  3. Edith Henrietta Berkeley

Next Generation

Evelyn Alice BERKELEY on 26 Jan 1891 in Lahore married Mechanical Engineer Edmund Kearsley HORSFALL (son of Robert Horsfall)


Lila Charlotte Maude BERKELEY on 22 Oct 1890 in Simla married Edwin Wilfred RICKETTS (son of Henry Alexander Ricketts)


Edith Henrietta BERKELEY on 10 Apr 1893 in Bombay married Ernest Edward DeFRAINE (son of George Henry DeFraine)



?? BERKELEY married ??, children:

  1. Michael Lionel Gettyhardinge Berkeley (b 1862, d 27 Jun 1887 Mozufferpore). Occup: Indigo Planter

Next Generation



info from Greg Morgan. Any connections with the family would be appreciated

?? BERKELEY married ??, children:

  1. Sackville Hamilton Berkeley (b. 1865)

Next Generation

Sackville Hamilton Berkeley (b. 1865) married Henrietta F. STEWART and raised their two sons in India.

  1. Stewart Sackville Berkeley

  2. Cyril S Berkeley in India.  


?? BERKELEY married ??, children:

  1. Lionel Fitzhardinge Berkeley

Next Generation

Lionel Fitzhardinge BERKELEY married ?, children:

  1. Eleanor Fitzhardinge Berkeley (b 1883)

Next Generation

Eleanor Fitzhardinge BERKELEY (b 1883) at 24yrs on 5 Jun 1907 in Calcutta married Ernest Barton WEST (b 1880 son of Robert Barton West), children:

  1. Kathleen Eleanor Barton West (b 9 Jun 1910, c 25 Jul 1910 Mussoorie) at 25yrs on 3 Nov 1935 in Calcutta married 25yr Percy Donald HUNT (b 1910, son of Herbert Percy Hunt)

  2. Monica May Barton West (b 28 Jul 1913 Mussoorie)


?? BERKELEY married Audrey Louie ??, children:

  1. Dorothy Audrey May Berkeley (b 26 Oct 1919, c 1 Jul 1920 Calcutta)

Next Generation



info submitted by Velters Berkeley on 31/8/2002,

?? BERKELEY married ??, children:

  1. Velters BERKELEY (b 1960, Calcutta)

Next Generation

Velters BERKELEY (b 1960, Calcutta) married Carol HUBBARD (b 1970, Missouri, USA) on 11th August 1990 at Maranatha Village, Springfield, Missouri, USA. Live in Sacramento, California with two kids, Graduated from The Assembly of God School.

  1. Delaina  BERKELEY (born 2nd June 1995, Sacramento, California)

  2. Alistair BERKELEY (born 16th Nov 1996, Sacramento, California)


Info from  Henry Nicholas Berkeley

?? BERKELEY married ??, children:

  1. Henry Nicholas Berkeley (b 1962,, Calcutta)




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