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info from Fiona Bergin

?? BERGIN married ??, children:

  1. Emile Michael Bergin (b 27.3.38 in Madras)

Next Generation

Emile Michael BERGIN (b 27.3.38 in Madras) married Iona Ruth AUSTIN (b 12.11.37 born in Bangalore, India), Children All born in London, UK:

  1. Fiona M D Bergin

  2. Avril R Bergin

  3. Melanie J Bergin

  4. Damain M Bergin

  5. Leona D Bergin (deceased at age 25)


Info supplied by Glenys Savage 

?? BERGIN married Thomas Oliver AUSTIN, children:

  1. David Eric Austin  b. Jan 1996

  2. Selina Austin

  3. Horace Austin

  4. Philo Austin


info from

?? BERGIN married ??, children:

  1. Alfred Patrick BERGIN (b 15/8/1932 Madras, d 22/1/2004 UK)

Next Generation

Alfred Patrick BERGIN (b 15/8/1932 Madras, d 22/1/2004 UK) married Pamela ?, settled in the UK with children:

  1. Jennifer Bergin,

  2. Venetia Bergin,

  3. Isabelle Bergin,

  4. Sabrina Bergin,

  5. Patrick Bergin,

  6. Antoinette Bergin.


BERGIN FAMILY - I'm looking for information about my great grandparents, michael bergin and johanna kearney. they lived in either kilkenny or tipperary in the late 1800s and early 1900s. they had seven children that i know of: thomas, john, timothy, mary, james, lawrence and kieran. we know that thomas, john and mary came to the U.S. timothy died in an accident at age 25. Tommy Bergin     

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