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 I am trying to find my relatives on my fatherís side. He was a Benz, born in Assam, lived in Assinsole and studied in Kalimpong. My motherís maiden name was McIntyre Wheatley. Her father was a Scotsman and her motherís maiden name was Gomes from Barisal, East Pakistan. Roseleine Pinheiro.


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? BENZ married ?, children:

  1. Heinrich Benz

Next Generation

Heinrich BENZ married Emilie ? , children:

  1. Heinrich Benz (b 31 Aug 1893 Delhi)


Albert BENZ (b 1832, d 30 June 1901 Lucknow) married ?, children:

  1. Julia Blanche Benz

  2. Clarence Edmond Frere Benz (b 1866)

  3. Albert William Benz

Next Generation

Julia Blanche BENZ on 29 Dec 1890 in Mhow married Frederick Charles RIXON (son of Alfred Rixon), children:

  1. Alfred William Rixon (b 1890) at 35yrs on 28 Oct 1925 in Calcutta married 44yr widow Jane Evelyn DEVEREUX (b 1881 daughter of Joseph Adolphus Day)

  2. Dorothy Grace Rixon (b 18 Feb 1895, c 24 Mar 1895 Mhow)

Clarence Edmond Frere BENZ (b 1866) at 29yrs on 17 Jun 1895 in Comilla married 26yr Marri Elizabeth DELANNEY (b 1869 daughter of Edmond Desire Delanney). children:


Marri Elizabeth BENZ nee DELANNEY  (b 1869 daughter of Edmond Desire Delanney) widow at 55yrs on 24 Oct 1921 in Howrah married 55yr widowed Engineer Thomas Sheene SMITH (b 1871 son of Thomas Smith)


Clarence Edmond Frere BENZ (b 1866) widowed at 55yrs on 5 Nov 1921 in Lahore married 32yr Nora Josephine Louire HEARNE (b 1889 daughter of Frederick William Hearne). children:


Albert William BENZ on 12 Mar 1906 in Jorhat married Grace Violet FARIA, (daughter of Gustamapolls Faria) children:

  1. Victoria Beryl Benz (b 15 Dec 1906 Quetta)

  2. Albert Edward Benz (b 22 Oct 1908 Cinnemara)

  3. Gertrude Florence Benz (b&d 11 Jun 1911 Calcutta)

Grace Violet BENZ nee Faria widow at 45yrs on 26 Mar 1932 in Calcutta married 60yr widowed Albert BIDDULPH (b 1872 son of James Biddulph)


Albert William BENZ married Annie ?, children:

  1. Gwendoline Grace Benz (b 12 Apr 1917 Calcutta)

Next Generation

Victoria Beryl BENZ (b 15 Dec 1906 Quetta) at 18yrs on 16 Dec 1924 in Lahore married 24yr John Newbold ROSS (b 1900 son of Edward Ross)


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