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info from rodney robinson

EVA IDA VERNIEUX BENSLEY is my paternal granmother, she died when I was ten years of age, from my researches I have found a HENRY WALTER BENSLEY in Thackers Directory for 1895 as a second clerk in the Cin C's office at Simla, there is also a Mrs BENSLEY working for a firm of tailors and outfitters in Simla and Calcutta and this seems to go with the fact that ARCHIBALD MILLER ROBINSON was a tailor and cutter. I would very much like to contact anyone with information about the family BENSLEY or VERMIENE, the name VERNIEUX should be included

?? BENSLEY married ??, children:

  1. Henry Walter Bensley

Next Generation

Henry Walter BENSLEY married  Ida Eva VERMIENE in 1876, Children:

  1. EVA IDA VERNIEUX BENSLEY (b.06Jan 1878 Calcutta)

  2. MARK GEORGE VERNIEUX BENSLEY christening 06Sep1884

  3. IVY VERNIEUX BENSLEY christening 18Aug 1883

Next Generation

Eva Ida Vernieux BENSLEY  (b.06 Jan 1878 Calcutta,) on 1 Jan 1903 at Wesleyan Methodist Church, Sudder St, Calcutta married Archibald Miller ROBINSON  (b ?.died. 1942 Pocklinton, Yorkshire.), children:

  1. Charles Herbert Robinson (b 7 Sept 1908 Calcutta ?)


info from & Sharon Bensley

?? BENSLEY married ??, children:

  1. Warren Bensley (Wally) (studied in Montfort Boys Boarding School, Yercaud, South India, 1952-57) now in Canada. 

  2. Errol Bensley ( studied in Montfort 1948-1952)

  3. Rawdon Bensley (studied in Montfort 1957-61)

Next Generation

Errol Bensley (Montfort 1948-1952) married Christina ??, children:

  1. Alan Bensley married Jocelyn ??

  2. Sharon Bensley is engaged to Paul Hale


Reginald BENSLEY  married ??, children:

  1. Baldwin Bensley

Next Generation

Baldwin BENSLEY married Pamela Patience PEREIRA, children:

  1. Gary Bensley

  2. Sarah Bensley engaged to Victor Perera

Next Generation

Gary Bensley married Zena ?, children:

  1. Stephen Bensley

  2. Zoe Bensley


info from

?? BENSLEY married ??, children:

  1. Ivan Maxwell Bensley (St. John's Vestry High School, Trichy 1949-54.Worked for Dunlop Tires in Ambatur, Madras, South India from 1957-65. )

Next Generation

Ivan Maxwell BENSLEY in 1961 married Cynthia Marina DIMNEY, left for Canada in 1965, children:

  1. Shawn Bensley.


Info supplied by Glenys Savage & Ian Shea

Helen BENSLEY (b. 15 Feb 18?? d. 3 Dec 1968 bd. Ilford, ESS), married Thomas AUSTIN b. 24 Oct 1870 or 1874 bd. 24 Sept 1957, Khanapore, IND, issue:

  1. Thomas Oliver AUSTIN Occ: Railway Inspector b. 9 Apr 190? IND d. 21 Apr 1987, Adelaide, South Aust,

  2. Barnes AUSTIN marr. 3 sons, 2 daughters,

  3. Alistair Charles Lionel Austin Occ: Inspector of Telephones, b. 18 Mar 1906 d. 03 Mar 1982,

  4. Ivy Austin,

  5. Rita Austin unmarried,

  6. Sheila (Sunshine) Austin,

  7. Dorothy Hope Austin, (b ? d 1992)

  8. Alda Austin,

  9. Eunice/Ursula (Blossom) Austin

Next Generation


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