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E M BASTIEN a naturalised Britisher (b Lyons France 1785 Died in India 1843, arrived in India as Dock Engineer and first class ship carpenter and builder. Worked for 28yrs in Kyds dockyard from 1815. Previous service – Ships carpenter to East India Company. He assisted with the war sloop “Hastings” 74 guns built in 1818. ) married a country girl ?? D’SOUZA who survived him till 1885. She lived till the age of 103 and was buried at the Lower Circular burial ground, Calcutta. Children: They had two offspring

  1. E J Bastien (died with no offspring)

  2. Alexander Charles Bastien (b 1829 d 1890) had 4 offspring.

Next Generation

Alexander Charles BASTIEN (b 1829 d 1890) Served on the construction of The East Indian Railway. He laid the first railway lines from Howrah with the covenanted foreman Reed. Built the Masonry viaducts and arched culverts Howrah to Burdwan, which was still in commission from 1854 to 1864. From 1864 he started his own business as engineer and contractor. His Head office situated in Bow-Bazaar street, Calcutta. He built the D.H Railway on contract from Siliguri to Kurseong. He had other big construction contracts for the East Bengal railway on the Northern section. Built the old Church at Asansole which later was used as an institute by the East Indian Railway. Founded Bastien’s Bazaar in Asansole. Built and at one time owned all the houses in Bastien’s Lane, Howrah.He had four offspring.

  1. J.V.Bastien (Great Paternal Uncle) 1850 Died 1911 Had two offspring George Bastien Sr. and George Bastien Jr.

  2. Rose Bastien (Great Paternal Aunt) No dates available No dates available Married one Wallace. Sons working as Permanent Way Inspectors on East Indian Railway

  3. Edwin William.Bastien (b 1852 Died 1907

  4. Eugene Bastien (Great Paternal Uncle) 1859 Died 1926 Married C.A, Reed

Edwin William BASTIEN (Great Grand Paternal Grandfather) 1852 Died Forbesgang 1907 Started service as a Mechanic apprentice at the Jamalpore shops. Work on Bridge and railway track construction. a. North Western Railway. b. Sibi Kandahar Military Line. c. Southern Mahratta Railway. d. Eastern Bengal Railway. e.Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. f. D.U.K. Railway.g. Bengal Dooars Railway. In his latter years in life he worked on open line maintenance with the East Bengal Railway, as Permanent Way Inspector at Sealdah, Barrackpore, Rajbari, Katihar and Forbesgang. married ??, Had six offspring:

  1. Francis Edward David Bastien

  2. Lionel Bastien

  3. Marie Bastien

  4. Constance Bastien

  5. Victor Bastien

  6. Gladys Bastien

Next Generation

Francis Edwin David BASTIEN (b 1881 Died 1943) was a railway man in his earlier years and later became an entrepreneur and did business with the Indian railways. He bought a plot of land in Kurseong and built a small Villa called DEW Villa (Initials of his three sons) for visiting tourist and parents paying visits to their children in the hill station boarding schools. The Villa Still stands in Darjeeling and is in the custody and care of Rev. Fr. Abraham. He married Eileen Marie ?. Had three offspring.

  1. Edwin.M. Bastien 1908-1966.

  2. William George Bastien 1912 -1974.

  3. Desmond Bastien 1920-1935.

Next Generation

William George BASTIEN (b 1912 d1974 Chittagong Bangladesh) studied at Goethals’s Memorial school in Darjeeling and then went on to help his father as a chauffeur for the 1932 Model Ford Vicky they owned. He shuttled visitors and tourist back and forth to Kurseong, Siligury, Darjeeling and various places in India. When the Villa was lost in a court battle, he went on to become a Tally Clerk, in the East Bengal Railway in 1938 and continued working in various capacities as a Guard, Yard Master, rising to the position of Traffic Master with the Port Authority in the erstwhile East Pakistan Railway in Chittagong, Pakistan till his retirement in 1971. He opted for Pakistan after the partition of India, and moved with his family to Chittagong on the 4th of May 1950.


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